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Comment: Not worth $: It's a feature not a product. (Score 1) 123

by nlinecomputers (#33758488) Attached to: Xmarks May Not Be Dead After All

Xmarks had a great idea but it doomed from the start. Syncing bookmarks isn't a product. It is a feature like spellcheck in a Word Processor. It can't stand alone and can't be protected from others doing the same thing. Thus it can't be marketed as the only place to get this feature. Google or Firefox will have it built in at some point because they can recreate it without paying the original creators for the idea. Had they patented the idea they might have had a chance. IF they could patent it. As it stands this never had a chance and anybody that pays now for it is a fool for the company will go bust.

Comment: Stupid Question: Why change the name at all? (Score 1) 648

Just call it OpenDocs.

OpenOffice.org never had good names. They should have dropped the .org part which I always thought was dumb to have on the software product. It should have always been called "OpenOffice" written/supported/produced by OpenOffice.Org.

The Document Foundation is also a dumb name.

Comment: Re:Proven delivery system (Score 1) 230

by nlinecomputers (#32920828) Attached to: Senate Bill Adds Shuttle Flight, New Shuttle-Derived Vehicle

Right keep the system that cost us 14 lives and two expensive launch vehicles. Keep the system that never could do what is was originally advertised to do. It was a waste of money and resources that could have been better used for unmanned missions or even maned ones with better equipment and real goals.


FCC Mulling More Control For Electronic Media 176

Posted by Soulskill
from the yeah-that-sounds-fantastic dept.
A recent Notice of Inquiry from the FCC is looking for opinions on how the "evolving electronic media landscape" affects kids, and whether the FCC itself should have more regulatory control over such media. The full NOI (PDF) is available online. "FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski included a statement with the NOI in which he noted that 'twenty years ago, parents worried about one or two TV sets in the house,' while today, media choices are far more widespread for children, including videogames, which 'have become a prevalent entertainment source in millions of homes and a daily reality for millions of kids.'"

A conference is a gathering of important people who singly can do nothing but together can decide that nothing can be done. -- Fred Allen