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Comment I am with Torvalds (Score 1) 757

C++ is like a house that has gone through many additions. It has become grotesquely verbose. It is riddled with awful constructs like dynamic cast and "casting away constness." I still like C a lot. It is small, fast, smart and, sometmes, merciless. But that's OK. It's OO cousin has become a steatopygean monster.

Comment Schools (Score 1) 177

I work in a school. When a term or a year closes, I do a big deletion of email that becomes moot at the end of that term or school year. A year-end cleanout often ends up with my inbox being chopped about 75%. If you have frequent senders who send mails with temporary topicality, you can sort by sender and get rid of their older mails.

Comment common sense (Score 2) 452

If wandering into a neighborhood means you are likely to get car-jacked or to have your skull caved in and you wallet taken, someone warning you not to go there is doing a service. If the local residents don't like the opprobrium, they can fix the problem. There is no right to behave like an animal and expect others to put up with it.

Comment Re:obviously a lie then (Score 2) 344

This is exactly right. The American business establishment has been busting down wages furiously since the '70s. This accounts for a big chunk of the huge wealth transfer to the "top 1%". Business has used illegal immigrants from the third world to lower the wages of semi and unskilled workers to very low levels in real terms. They do the same thing by hiring people from India and Russia on H1Bs to lower the wages of tech workers. This is a naked scheme of exploitation that has been going on for a very long time. It is abetted by both political parties; said parties are amply lubricated for their troubles.

Comment Epilepsy can be fatal (Score 5, Informative) 536

Yes, epilepsy can be fatal. It can shut down the central nervous system, starve the brain and other vital organs of oxygen, causing death. That just happened here to a very promising young student here in North Carolina. I convey my condolences to the family. There is no crueler cut of life than having to bury a child.

Comment Wait a minute!!! (Score 1) 551

Electorates in almost every state have put people in office who have been hacking away at state university budgets. They are saying loudly and clearly, "We do not want to support the public university system. It is a bad use of our dollars." So, what do the universities do? They see that the support from the state is dropping precipitously, so they look for ways to stay solvent.

If you are complaining about this, maybe you are the problem. Americans have asked for their state governments to be slashed. That isn't free. Now state services will be slashed too. The 20 kilobuck annual in-state tuition will be a reality by the end of the decade. No one seems to care about that. So grow up and live with your choices.

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