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Comment: Re:If he has any influence at all... (Score 1) 245

by natbro (#42885481) Attached to: Xbox Originator: "Stupid, Stupid Xbox!!"
i agree with you that linking all purchases to one account and the rumored "always-on" DRM are bad/strange ideas. if i had any influence i would push against these. i don't, though, they probably don't pay much attention to my armchair quarterbacking blog posts, any more than they used to pay attention to my more direct emails.

Comment: Re:Another one? Sheesh. (Score 5, Informative) 245

by natbro (#42882897) Attached to: Xbox Originator: "Stupid, Stupid Xbox!!"
i never claimed to have run the army. at best i was a grunt-turned-sergeant-awkwardly-promoted-to-captain who had the ears of the generals because i knew what we could build, who could build it, and i could describe it to everybody - i was boots on the ground. i'm just pointing out that i think the current strategy is wrong and will likely fail, not that i was running it better back in the day.

Sweet, Sour, Salty, Bitter, Protein ... and Now Fat 210

Posted by timothy
from the visit-the-chiba-clinic-for-an-upgrade dept.
ral writes "The human tongue can taste more than sweet, sour, salty, bitter and protein. Researchers have added fat to that list. Dr. Russell Keast, an exercise and nutrition sciences professor at Deakin University in Melbourne, told Slashfood, 'This makes logical sense. We have sweet to identify carbohydrate/sugars, and umami to identify protein/amino acids, so we could expect a taste to identify the other macronutrient: fat.' In the Deakin study, which appears in the latest issue of the British Journal of Nutrition, Dr. Keast and his team gave a group of 33 people fatty acids found in common foods, mixed in with nonfat milk to disguise the telltale fat texture. All 33 could detect the fatty acids to at least a small degree."

+ - Microsoft ate my browser

Submitted by IT Hippy
IT Hippy writes: My system just downloaded the latest security update and IE6 just became IE7. No small talk like "we have this new browser would you like to install it". Silly me I allowed Microsoft to install security updates. This update gives be the same feeling as when you return home to find that your house has been burgled. Well I for one will not update this system to Vista, my Microsoft Desktop days are over, the Linux conversion project starts now.

"Pascal is Pascal is Pascal is dog meat." -- M. Devine and P. Larson, Computer Science 340