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+ - Linux creator calls GPLv3 authors 'hypocrites'->

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AlexGr writes "We hear conflicting tales regarding Linus Torvalds acceptance of GPLv3. For example, this one by Paul McDougall (InformationWeek): Linux creator Linus Torvalds said the authors of a new software license expected to be used by thousands of open source programmers are a bunch of hypocrites and likened them to religious fanatics — the latest sign of a growing schism in the open source community between business-minded developers like Torvalds and free software purists. In an online post, Torvalds slammed executives at the Free Software Foundation, likening their mind-set to that of "religious fanatics and totalitarian states." Harsh! 2007/07/linux_creator_c.html"
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+ - Foreclosures on the Rise, Homebuilders Selling

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kgolf (1123143) writes "With billions of subprime ARMs (Adjustable Rate Mortgages) expected to reset, forecasters are predicting a spike in foreclosures. The places expected to be hit the hardest by foreclosures are Las Vegas and Florida. Also, homebuilders are reporting substantial write off in land values, showing signs of an upcoming crash in home values."

"How do I love thee? My accumulator overflows."