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New Hitchhiker's Guide Book "Not Very Funny" 410

Posted by timothy
from the trying-to-meet-a-high-standard dept.
daria42 writes "An early review of part of the Eoin Colfer-penned sequel to Douglas Adams's Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy series has panned the book as not being very funny. If you read Hitchhiker to have a good laugh, maybe you're going to be disappointed," wrote Nicolas Botti, on his Douglas Adams fan site earlier this month."

Speculating On the Far Future of Cellphones 220

Posted by timothy
from the how-about-just-better-coverage? dept.
Trio writes "What will cellphones look like in in future? explores five future characteristics that could shape tomorrow's phones — from a wearable prototype such as MIT's SixthSense device which projects mobile data into the user's world, to a mobile that mixes the real and the virtual by using holographic telepresence. So far, so futuristic, but one question remains: will there be enough spectrum to support all this wireless communication?"

What this country needs is a good five dollar plasma weapon.