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Submission + - China's Kada seeks brand recognition via AIM listing ->

mugi writes: "China-based Kada Technology Holdings Ltd, which applied on Monday to trade on London's junior market, said it hoped an overseas listing will bring it prestige and more profitable ties with lenders and suppliers.
The tech component distributor expects to be valued at about 100 million pounds ($156.85 million) once it starts trading.
It chose London's AIM market as it was faster than trying to go public in China or in the United States, where volatility and slower listings are major concerns, the company said."

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Submission + - Mexico's old rulers claim presidential election victory->

mugi writes: "Mexico's old rulers claimed victory in a presidential election on Sunday, ending 12 years in opposition after a campaign dominated by a sputtering economy and rampant drug violence.After pledging to restore order and ramp up economic growth, Enrique Pena Nieto of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) had a clear lead over his rivals in exit polls and a "quick count" conducted by electoral authorities.
Although his main rival said it was too early to concede defeat, the 45-year-old Pena Nieto delivered a late-night victory speech to cheering supporters, and a senior electoral official said the PRI candidate's lead was "irreversible"."

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Submission + - Italian regulator threatens Apple with new fines: source->

mugi writes: "Italy's competition regulator is threatening Apple Inc with further fines of up to 300,000 euros ($381,000) if it does not offer local customers a free two-year warranty as demanded by Italian law, a source close to the watchdog said on Sunday.In Italy consumers who buy electronic products and other durable goods have the right to get two years of free assistance, irrespective of other warranties offered by a manufacturer."
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Submission + - Nokia Belle Feature Pack 2 leaked video shows new features->

mugi writes: "A video of a pre-release Feature Pack 2 for Symbian Belle has leaked. Currently available on Nokia's RDA (Remote Device Access), which only Nokia registered developers have access to, allows for Symbian Belle FP2 to be tried out in an emulator.
As the final Symbian hurrah for Nokia, Feature Pack 2 is expected to bring quite a lot to Symbian Belle. The user interface will see most of the changes with a new swipe to unlock, camera UI, navigation bar, widgets and better transition effects."

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Submission + - Chile's Codelo to build molybdenum processing plant-paper->

mugi writes: "Chile's state-owned Codelco plans to invest $400 million in a molybdenum processing plant and intends to maximize its value in a legal bout with global miner Anglo American Plc, the chief executive of the world's top copper producer told the Sunday edition of a local paper.
Codelco, which is already the world's No. 2 producer of molybdenum, will build the plant in Chile's mineral-rich north around 2015 and become a direct competitor with the world's leading molybdenum processor, Chile's Molymet."

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Submission + - Slashdot - Submission->

mugi writes: "Canada, Mexico complained about less livestock trade:GENEVA/WINNIPEG, Manitoba, June 29 — The United States lost the bulk of its appeal against a World Trade Organization ruling on meat labeling on Friday, meaning it may have to stop requiring retailers to display the country of origin on the meat they sell.
The WTO Appellate Body said the U.S. country-of-origin labeling rules, commonly known as COOL, were wrong because they gave less favorable treatment to beef and pork imported from Mexico and Canada, the countries that brought the case, than to U.S. meat."

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