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Comment Re:Me too (Score 1) 887

Yeah "pannier" = fancy word for bag on the side of a bike :-)

I cycle into central London. Cyclist friendly facilities are much more common in mainland Europe, but some this sensible stuff rubs off on the UK too.

Comment Re:Me too (Score 1) 887

There's room for all that stuff and a change of clothes in a pannier on the back of the bike. Also, there's a shower and a place to lock up bikes at the office where I work. A lot of offices have these types of facilities


How Do You Manage Your SD Card Library? 485

txmadman writes "Like a lot of my colleagues and all of my three children, I have several SD , mini-SD, and micro-SD cards for various purposes: cameras, cell phones, my laptop, etc. These things are handy to have around, offer easy and significant storage, but are very easily lost. We have also have run into some instances where it wasn't clear whose SD card was whose, and have also started to see a need for a storage mechanism. I have seen SD card 'wallets' and such, but have never seen anyone actually use one. So: How do you manage and keep track of your SD cards?"

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