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Journal: AS 400 2

Journal by mr_z_beeblebrox
We got an AS 400 this year and are currently implementing a warehouse system. I just thought I would mention that nothing in IT is nearly as boring as AS 400. Nope, not even BASIC (I code BASIC in my job so I know). Why can't everything be OSX or GNU/NIX

Journal: MSBlaster

Journal by mr_z_beeblebrox
This journal entry serves 2 purposes first it allows me to boast (I try not to do that in person so, it is cool to do it somewhere that I can pretend people read it) and second, in case anyone reads it I can try to put out a good example of sys administration. Anyway, MSBlast took off this week. MS warned about the potential a few weeks back and I have a newly migrated Win 2K network which I patch every monday. I also READ the warnings with the patches and implement any controls they mention. I am happy to say that out of 100 + PCs I have no Blast infections. Please, for your customers sake and your own reputations READ those warnings. Running windows update and a virus scanner will help but 2 hours a week reading MS technet will save you so much work.

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