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Journal: Finals are over! MoM++ time!

Journal by mister_llah

Ahh, finals are over, I have a month to actually get some focused work done!

It's exciting, really...

As a final note: Assembly language can go suck a lemon.


User Journal

Journal: Segfault blues... boo :(

Journal by mister_llah

I'd be fine,
Yes, that's true...
except I got,
Segfault blues...


I just wrote that lovely poem to describe my latest excitement... that is... staying up til obcene hours trying to fix an invisible enemy!


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Journal: There is so much to learn, WOW!

Journal by mister_llah

Worms make the dirt
and the dirt makes the earth
and all of the roots have a place to sleep now
all of the chanuks have squad to eat now

Worms make the dirt
and the dirt makes the earth
and people hold hands and feel terriffic
food comes from dirt
its scientific!

Logic is a pretty flower that smells bad.