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501(c) is used by a lot of social or policy based groups. Since I don't think their purpose is gathering money to profit, but rather to feed campaigns they believe in it is no different than passing a hat among your friends. I don't really want government to get into policing this type of thing because it limits our ability to effect the political process for good. Since money is the only thing candidates think about that is the only way to control them and keep them honest. Going after 501(c) is basically just going after you and me in the long haul through the organizations and groups that we can use to influence politics now and in the future.

Comment: Re:~45yrs of buffer overflows... (Score 1) 127

by mindmaster064 (#47161943) Attached to: GnuTLS Flaw Leaves Many Linux Users Open To Attacks
Yes, but it's easier to worry about one library (the VM) than 5000. Also the need for "compiling" is caused by the limitation that your OS cannot directly digest the bytecode. If it could there is nearly no need for a C++ glue layer other than a very minimal one that can easily be secured. If it can read that code then the C++ dependency goes away outside of the small bit riding right on the hardware. Put C where it belongs -- touching the hardware -- move the standard libraries into the virtual sandbox. No more problems.

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by mindmaster064 (#47161907) Attached to: AMD, NVIDIA, and Developers Weigh In On GameWorks Controversy
Bottom line, if a game runs poorly on a graphic device AMD and NVIDIA directly get blamed. This program is merely NVIDIA's tack towards improving user perception. They know if you have a problem running software on one of their cards you will probably go buy a Radeon. The computing hardware in each card is far beyond the privy of any single developer to understand at this point. You need a glue layer and technical resources to properly expose the interfaces. The problem is when one vendor is specifically excluded from the glue layer. Both of these vendors have been cheating benchmarks by analyzing what game is attempting to access the features and then dumbing them down selectively in barely perceivable ways to artificially pump benchmark results. The problem I have with NVIDIA doing this is mostly that they typically have their own black box code (that is closed) and you have no idea how that is interacting. If it interacts poorly with your application you are just screwed. There is nothing to fix you must patch around it. Ergo, the state of the current NVIDIA drivers in Linux. =)

Comment: Re:~45yrs of buffer overflows... (Score 1) 127

by mindmaster064 (#47158535) Attached to: GnuTLS Flaw Leaves Many Linux Users Open To Attacks
I'd even go far as to say the problem creeps into larger issues. All the libraries you require are based in C/C++. QT, etc. These code bases are completely massive and even if you run some small "shows a box on screen" app you are calling 3000 lines of possibly broken an insecure code. The solution is move the core libraries away from C to C#, Java, or some other viable candidate that prevents software from "doing bad things". Essentially what the open source community has been saying is "trust us", but who exactly do you trust to carry your wallet? I only trust myself... How about you? Community developed software is great provided it is implemented on a framework that is invulnerable to input errors. I rather have my app crash than get hacked.

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by mindmaster064 (#45773341) Attached to: Percentage of Self-Employed IT Workers Increasing
The S-corp is a newbie way... Really you need to fully incorporate in a state that doesn't have state or personal income tax (Wyoming, Nevada -- do Delaware if you want to IPO and get big) (yes you'll never get away from the fed..) Standard corporations can take a TON more exemptions than you can personally so any "pass-thru" is just false savings and you're leaving money on the table. Any decent corp is paying exactly $0 federal tax most of the time so there is no reason to take the S election and lose money. Mostly how much you can charge is how you can "come off" there are businesses willing to pay any unreasonable rate. Just remember if you ask for $300/hr you are expected to pick up lunch, dinner, and buy the drinks -- it just goes with the territory.

Comment: The reason it is still used is simple. (Score 3, Interesting) 276

by mindmaster064 (#44102617) Attached to: Join COBOL's Next Generation
COBOL is one of the few languages that is completely standardized. IO, formatting, everything works the same EVERYWHERE. Certainly, the column nature of coding in the language is annoying, but not much more than BASIC was with it's numbering scheme. As far as the programs that chug through industrial-sized databases go few touch as many records as COBOL does.

Comment: This has been going on since at least 2001. (Score 4, Interesting) 262

I used to work at Bank of America and NSA had a black door closet in our office that I couldn't get into. Now mind you I had a security key card that could open any door in the establishment due to me being in the network security team. I could get in any VIP office, the trade floor, any secured area and any BofA server room on the premises but no one in our company could open that one door. So it's not just Internet dotcoms it's all your financial transactions and anything else as well. They are snarfing everything.

Comment: This console will be useless. (Score 1) 581

Half the players of these games are non-internet connected teenagers at least in terms of their bedrooms. They can't buy $70+ games either as a rule. Microsoft just hasn't had enough strikeouts yet eh? Well they'll learn the hard way. All the next gen PlayStation has to do is be less draconian because the hardware is absolutely the fucking same.

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Actually the .Net philosophy to me seems the polar opposite of Java. .Net releases seem further apart but seem to work better and have more integrated functionality. Personally... after using both for a long time C# + .net wins.... The portability comment isn't even an issue anymore really... Mono is working well in most cases (the gap is mostly in the latest incarnations of and MVC) and is fast enough to run games so it is fast enough for any business use at least in my mind. Personally, I dislike Microsoft and Oracle but I dislike Oracle way more.

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Moreover, you win nothing but a higher cost with that middleman. The further you are removed from the supply chain the more something is marked up. Understand that most items in the USA that you can buy are marked up on each phase of the distribution. The manufacturer sells to a distributor who doubles it, and that guy goes to someone who represents a retailer or a group of them and they do the same thing. So something that costs $5 to make (with profit mind you) ends up being $20-30. Cars are no different -- the manufacturer price is much less than the 'invoice' cost which is just a number these dealers cook up but they are marked up less than other items due to the smaller supply chain -- usually being manufacturer to dealer vs there being another couple of parties -- if you add importers and such into the pile you can see why foreign cars with dealerships cannot compete with Tesla. Tesla can sell a car for the exact same price as these guys and make way more money doing it. Bravo -- you are winning at business!

Comment: Why can't they do it like everyone else? (Score 1) 183

Microsoft - One big version number. One little one. .Net Framework 2.0, 3.5, etc... easy to know where you are. Security patches don't alter the name unless they're a service pack. Then it would be .Net 3.5 sp 1 whatever. You at least know that as long as you have the update service running you are fully patched up and manually running it will make sure. 7u45 is freaking Chinese - it sounds like something that should be on the side of a submarine. Imagine trying to say one of these numbers on a phone to someone you're trying to help through a problem. You can't overload CPU either; too damn confusing even for me. I won't know whether you will talking about your computer or the software. Especially if it is like 2am and something broken. Java is becoming more and more aggravating the longer Oracle has anything to do with it.

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by mindmaster064 (#41777177) Attached to: Apple CEO Likens Surface To Car That Flies, Floats
Honestly, Microsoft is placing the product for the people like me who won't buy a tablet because I already have a laptop and the iPad keyboard is complete shit for anything I want to do. For typing a complete keyboard (not some crappy slow screen thing) is necessary and I type a lot, and I type fast... I can't stand the interface. Thus, it is a more hybrid device close to what I want that will do a little more than iPad but much much lighter and more portable than said laptop. They made a product for a market that isn't being addressed, and honestly.. I think it was the best place to put it out -- right between androids & iPads, and laptops. If you can give me a full blown laptop with the portability of an iPad I no longer care about iPad.

Comment: How they are probably doing this... (Score 1) 442

by mindmaster064 (#41725919) Attached to: Internet Providers To Begin Warning Customers Who Pirate Content
I would speculate that they are not using any type of sniffing/firewall monitoring to do this due to the volume of the traffic (it would just tank modern implementations..) so they are probably using their DNS servers + some sort of transparent proxy to do it (just so they can piece together URL). Basically, I doubt this will work if you use your own DNS server (which I do at home for this reason... generally not good for providers to see your DNS anyway...) since they would have to use selective monitoring such as this to avoid legal problems. If they never see you hit up the pirate bay then they probably aren't monitoring the rest of the communication at all.

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