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Comment Whether TOR is cracked or not.. (Score 1) 122

It think the best use of it is hiding your IP from every site, and adding another layer of encryption. If you need message security use a message security encryption, and if you need a file encryption use the right tool. Assuming anything on the Internet isn't clear text at all times is just being foolish -- even if the site you are on uses HTTPS it is possible that they are hacked, etc...

Comment Stop putting real data on websites (Score 1) 370

I keep saying this, but nonetheless unless you have a legal obligation to provide real info don't. The problem is your data goes in databases and you have no idea how long it is going to be retained. Closing your account doesn't even delete the data. Next, change all the info that is relevant... STOP USING REAL INFO.. esh... I'm not going to say it again.... you aren't getting checks from these people they don't need your info.. New Github account New Phone/E-mails New Everything that can be remade. For non-essential accounts use bullshit information. Use different information on each site and record them somewhere safe. You can parrot them back if you have to. Close all of the accounts they are bombarding. Solved...

Comment Re: Climate Change Deniers aren't stupid... (Score 1) 737

I'm not against us reducing pollution. Cancer sucks, and pollution plays a large part in other health problems. We should be diligent and even intolerant of emissions to the air just as a matter of common sense. I'm pretty much against it if what comes out is anything but water vapor or some other naturally occurring result.

Comment Re:Climate Change Deniers aren't stupid... (Score 1) 737

Wait a minute... You think these publicly funded scientists aren't getting money from corporations? They are saying exactly whatever they are getting paid to say on either side of the aisle. My opinion is to experience global warming we have to have data that says we're warmer than we have been in in our past, and we aren't and never have been. The Minoans didn't have cars or pollution on the scale that we do -- so what gives? That's the only question I ask, and that is the question neither these scientists will answer nor acknowledge! All we are seeing is a "warming" trend for the last two-hundred years, and we just came off a mini-ice age nearly 400 years back - it is to be expected that we trend upward. For that entire time temperatures are basically 0.5 max hotter than they were previous globally. Can you even notice that?

I find it suspicious that these "scientists" filter the information to exclude the Minoan warming period that occurred around 2600 BC since they are clipping the data at 2000 years in most cases. It's not what they tell you it's what they omit. What are they trying to make you think, and why?

Comment Climate Change Deniers aren't stupid... (Score 3, Informative) 737

Climate change deniers are scientists too. The earth is not nor has it ever been outside of its normal range of possible temperatures -- we are still not even close to the "The Great Minoan Warm-up" -- and, the most polluted place on the planet -- Linfen, China has only raised 2 degrees F in 50 years. (You can confirm that with wolfram alpha if you like... You can chew Linfen's air -- that's how nasty it is... Anyway, our whole planet would have to look like Linfen to have this global impact and it just isn't going to happen since we don't actually live on most of the planet -- it's water. Does that mean we shouldn't control emissions? No, we definitely should -- there are health considerations to this, but it doesn't matter what we do... The planet will warm or cool as it pleases like it always has. Mostly, this is coming off to meas an NOAA funding scam -- because no one cares what the do so they have no money without a climate change media scare... And, consensus reality doesn't presume truth -- truth is from data and analysis.... These opinions are not congruent with the data... We're facing normal warming patterns so far -- we've had times in history where the Arctic ice completely melted off before -- this is nothing new. We are also in an El Nino pattern in the USA and historically that has lead to warmer wetter winters and cool summers -- they are projecting that it will last 2-5 years. Early in the 1900s and earlier the Arctic was experiencing and abnormally cold period and we're just going back to normal. In 2007 there was a "great rapid decline" that was probably climate related, but by the next year or so the ice had grown right back to where it was. We're not losing ice so much as the ice there is "new". Most of the melt is old ice -- that could be due to contaminates or just the fact that older ice reflects solar energy differently... either way it is still there... I have links.. But, I don't want to cream every related site with slashdotters... Mostly, I am not concerned that was should do everything we can to reduce our carbon footprint -- I am concerned that we shouldn't emit chemicals for health considerations. The heat won't kill us quickly, but a floating airborne cancer soup will. Do _NOT_ trust the US media at all with these issues -- they have been telling lies about other things as well... Try to get data from overseas sources who aren't influenced from the corporate world.... The EPA for example used to have air quality charts for years in the past for most of the world -- they took them off their site. Search: "Iceland 10000 year climate study" "Arctic Ice Cap Growing" (it has since 2012!)

Comment Re:Voting For Hillary is Voting For China (Score 1) 676

Yes, a ton of jobs get created when you decide to move all the factories overseas. They just leave eventually and don't come back. Job growth since Clinton left has been flat or arguably just barely positive for both succeeding Presidents. Barack Obama's new jobs are flipping burgers because he loves the H1-B visas so much.

Comment Re:In Depth Analysis (Score 1) 676

All the Republicans have to do is field a reasonably liberal candidate.. Aka their left wing... They'll still be more conservative appearing than Dems but won't appear as religious nutters. The Republicans aren't stupid... they know The Bible thumpers vote... They just have to get that vote without leaving the balanced people behind. Hillary has been involved in scandals -- she's not clean... I would say there are many other better candidates that aren't tainted like she is. There are legit criticisms of her: lying for one, not knowing who is banging your husband always makes you look the fool, and several diplomatic snafus under her tenure. There is also the issue that our Muslim Allah loving enemies do not consider women as equals as a rule and while we may be ready for a woman the rest of the world probably isn't.

Comment Voting For Hillary is Voting For China (Score 0) 676

That's really all I have to say... At the hands of Bill Clinton more American jobs were single-handedly destroyed in one swipe of the pen than at any other point in history. If you think Hillary had no part of that you be crazy -- I am sure Hillary was part of that decision. Hillary is going to try to get Obama to set up a deal with Cuba to get the same arrangement probably which after all the hemming and hawing will probably actually be signed in when she gets a chance to be in office. This administration has been one of the most corrupt and dishonest I've seen in years... I've never seen a group of people be so crass about it that like they're practically flaunting it. Screw these people... vote ANYTHING but Hillary... even the worst Republican is probably better for the USA as a whole than her.

Comment I'd glad pay $1200... IF (Score 2) 391

If they used pro-audio grade components... A portable device using those isn't available... I prefer listening on my studio monitors to most things because I can actually hear them. The lack of "actuation" in the weaker components is drastic and noticeable. I'd pay for a crystal clear strong headphone amp with a player... I realize these components are pretty cheap on a larger form-factor. But, getting them in a small box would be marvelous -- it hasn't really been done. Most of these devices are consumer rather than prosumer oriented and the quality suffers as a result. I guarantee until you listen to your music through a true amp/studio speaker setup you have no clue what you've been missing from your tunes (like entire parts of them..).

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