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Comment: Re:Rounding to EUR 0.05 (Score 1) 594

by milosoftware (#32125158) Attached to: On Pennies:

We used to have a 5/10/25/ system here in the Netherlands with some missing "5"s. The 1 cent was banned..

0,05 - 0,10 - 0,25 - 1,00 - 2,50 - 5,00 (coin) - 10 (note) - 25 - 100 - 250 - 1000

The "25" base was a real winner in my opinion, as it made DIVIDING money (between two) much easier. And there were often at least two ways to get to the same amount with the same number of coins (2,50+2x0,25 = 3x1,00)...

Comment: Re:17 years, but a few upgrades (Score 1) 543

by milosoftware (#32095434) Attached to: How Old Is the Oldest Computer You Regularly Use?

What _I_ did to make the ATX mobo fit in the AT case was simply cut away most of the backplate. So technically speaking, I only made one hole...

A few of the screw holes and plastic thingies were even in the right place, so that not all of the burden of holding the mainboard in place was placed on the video card.

Comment: I'd buy one (Score 4, Insightful) 532

by milosoftware (#31705422) Attached to: How the iPad Is Already Reshaping the Internet (Sans Flash)

If that's what it takes to ban Flash from the net forever, I'd buy one, just to sponsor that effort.

On the other hand, I'd be buying from the evil lords of quicktime, so now I have to decide which is worse: Apple or Adobe.

Can't we just put them in an arena, let them slug it out, and then cut the victor's throat and get rid of both evils and have some fun?

Comment: Dunning-Kruger (Score 2, Interesting) 584

by milosoftware (#31683784) Attached to: How Smart Are You?

The Dunning-Kruger effect... If you're dumb, you tend to overestimate your intelligence.

That explains all the "above average" votes.

Having read about it, I wondered whether I'm too stupid to know that I am, or that I really am above average. Being unable to pick one, I just went for the funny choice.

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