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Journal: Slashdot Readers 2

Journal by miknight
Yesterday I made a little comment on a story about Windows-powered gadgets and gizmos. It was just a funny (IMHO) little comment about the gadgets blue-screening.

I found the comment shortly got modded up to +5 funny as it was a reasonably early post. Eventually however, it was modded 'overrated' a few times and even 'troll' by one moderator... It ended up being at 0 (or -1 if you don't count the initial karma bonus). If you read the comment and replies you may be able to understand my concern.

As one of the repliers pointed out, it was just a JOKE. So many people seemed to take offence at it. I've used Windows for ages, and still do use XP every now and then. I can safely say I have gotten blue screens with it (not including hardware faults, usually bad drivers). I think the fact that bad drivers take the machine down IS worth making fun of.

These few vocal /. readers seem to want to feel part of a special minority (M$ lovers are a minority on /. still, as it has always been I understand). This site is news for nerds, yet they defend themselves by saying Linux is not ready for the masses! We are not the masses.

If I'm going to get modded and replied to so harshly I don't see why I should bother posting anymore.

This site was way too script-kiddie infested when I joined. I can only imagine how good it was in its heyday. At least the news is still pretty good.

The tao that can be tar(1)ed is not the entire Tao. The path that can be specified is not the Full Path.