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Comment: Re:Wikileaks link (Score 1) 463

by mckinleyn (#29495305) Attached to: TI vs Calculator Hackers
Yet again (curse you, lameness filter):


prp76 factor: 2231124525637629443181963045297394875 (lameness filter remove this) 470510167130210300957267082210173784611
prp79 factor: 32268855342401474150182483974101012 (lameness filter remove this) 86362761128614350056368675111071170873486957

(these are factors of 719958345686847736367204386511 (lameness filter remove this) 6047229712788448020653515684 (lameness filter remove this) 330784137805088971433273011970552138 (lameness filter remove this) 960583799368215373582308591928985045059261105298431035818727)

Comment: Re:Wikileaks link (Score 1) 463

by mckinleyn (#29495285) Attached to: TI vs Calculator Hackers
And more: (filter hates long strings)
TI-84 (Plus):

prp77 factor: 67070508990537181066342707695603050521324524613874331879259881495826493920589
prp78 factor: 186923771200711284770368041572205320486346816476524340240220962467860568859381


Comment: Re:Wikileaks link (Score 1) 463

by mckinleyn (#29495281) Attached to: TI vs Calculator Hackers
Here are the keys, sorry for the long post:

TI-83 (Plus):


Comment: Re:Oblig xkcd... (Score 1) 127

by mckinleyn (#29474205) Attached to: Mozilla Firefox Not In Violation of US Export Rules

Also, I should also mention the fact that legislation against encryption is ridiculously counter-productive; if the feds are after someone for any good reason, and that person is a criminal, they aren't going to respect such a restriction if they're already violating more serious laws. If all they succeed in doing is reducing legitimate commercial trade in such products, they're hurting themselves but at the same time improving the market tremendously for illicit dealers (note this observation applies to drugs as well, hmm).

And guns, too, hmm?

Comment: Re:Not impressed (Score 1) 706

by mckinleyn (#29414767) Attached to: Microsoft: Windows 7 Upgrade Can Take Nearly a Day
Two things: Your computer is either old, or underpowered. Upgrading to 4 GB of DDR2 memory is all of $50 on newegg. Speed is likely related to that particular spec.

Secondly, you said

Microsoft has to do better if they expect people to pay for their software and OS.

and I hope you were being sarcastic. Microsoft is not obligated to "do better" than taking a "couple of hours" to do an ill-advised upgrade (ALWAYS DO A FRESH INSTALL) on an old computer, and they wouldn't even be obligated to do so if they didn't own 90-plus % of the market and have people locked in to a fixed upgrade path.

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