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Comment: Re:WAAAAT (Score 0) 282

by mark_lybarger (#44962749) Attached to: Will New Red-Text Warnings Kill Casual Use of Java?

yep. we have an internal applet application that uses a self signed certificate. it's deployed to the local file system and launched from a remote page, thus we're stuck using java less than 1.6.24 due to a security change^^^bug oracle made.

Comment: Re:If your froyo is a "sugary treat" (Score 1) 247

by mark_lybarger (#44750259) Attached to: Android 4.4 Named 'KitKat'

True, same as getting a salad at McDonald's -- it's got more fat and sugar than the Big Mac.

i doubt the veracity of those statements.

the big mac has: 28g fat, 46g carbs, and 9 g sugars.
the "worst" salad has 22g fat, 24g carbs, and 7g sugars.

Comment: more slashdot stores (Score 1) 597

by mark_lybarger (#43913877) Attached to: Why Your Users Hate Agile

this is one of the largest buzzwords in the industry lately in concert with virtualization. i'm surprised i don't see many "articles" on ./ about agile.

i'm not sure i quite understand how or why a software development methodology has become the defacto standard for the project management community as a whole. literally, overnight, project managers have become scrum masters and every project from developing a new predictive pricing solution for sales to an os upgrade project becomes managed as an "agile" project. did manifesto group envision (design/declare) a new project management methodology or good practices for developing (building) software?

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by mark_lybarger (#39238577) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Life After Firefox 3.6.x?

i think it's ridiculous that it's expected to have to apply security updates. install the software, have a firewall protecting the inside, everything should be fine. most places have seemed to adopt this policy of auto applying patches every week or so regardless of weather the updates affect their usage. potential security issue found in the usb print drivers and puts it on the patches list. what's the probability of a security violation happening due to this potential risk? it's inside the corporate network! if some guy in data entry wants to be disgruntled and hack into the print server, you've really got bigger issues. management issues. maybe he's the same guy who turns on the bathroom faucet every night before leaving to let the water run and drip the company of some money.

ff's auto update really annoys and disrupts my personal workflow. i just learned to turn it off. i only use ff for some functions that don't see to work in chrome right now, citrix is one. it's really sucks to have your computer constantly remind you that it wants to disrupt your work so you have to close your browser and restart the browser to click through some authorize dialog boxes and finally be restored to the prior state.

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by mark_lybarger (#34231086) Attached to: Where Do I Go Now That Oracle Owns

my understanding is that the reason they don't take the patches is because there isn't a single point of license assignment for the patch source. if RH has a large patch, then RH doesn't take on the role of copyright assignment, but rather allows each single code creator to keep that duty. warm and fuzy of them, but not very practical at all i'm guessing

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