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User Journal

Journal: So, I have to ask... 1

Journal by magsol

Why are my comments' scores on my profile page all significantly lower than what is shown on the articles themselves (when I follow the links to the comments from my profile to the articles on which they are posted) ? This started happening a month or two ago, and I figured it was a bug...buuuut it's definitely still happening.

User Journal

Journal: Wahooo

Journal by magsol
Well then. I suppose a small introduction is in order.

Howdy. I'm magsol. I prefer reading over speaking, for the following reasons:
  1. I learn more when I listen first, speak later
  2. Chances are, someone more intelligent than I (and with a faster Ctrl+R finger) will make the same point before I will
  3. If you make a solid case for being a moron, I go something like this

So you probably won't hear much from me. 'sides, I'll be using my membership here mostly for reading and (occasionally) responding to the articles that are posted. But I'll be sure to say hello from time to time. :)

Too much is not enough.