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Comment: Re:Knowledge (Score 1) 1037

by madprof (#46678639) Attached to: How the Internet Is Taking Away America's Religion

Sorry, you have drastically over-simplified this, and you're wrong. There is still choice.

It is much more helpful for you to say that they have made a decision to choose this religion and not to go looking for others. Of course you can also point out that some people feel coerced into it, but I wasn't referring to people for whom that was the case. I was only referring to people I know who I am pretty damn certain can go exploring whatever religions they feel like.

It's a different discussion to talk about the general choices of religion throughout the world.

Comment: Re:April Fools! (Score 1) 162

by madprof (#46634593) Attached to: Subversion Project Migrates To Git

As someone who moved from SVN to HG and now from HG to Git for the same codebase, it's quite a natural step.
The HG to Git move was because of branching behaviour, which we preferred in Git, plus the ability to use Stash.
Git has its quirks but I'm having zero problems moving.
I'd always always go with HG over SVN, any day of the week and twice on a Sunday.

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