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+ - Hostedtoday.com To Plant a Tree for Each Customer

Submitted by
Rodney Ringler
Rodney Ringler writes "Hostedtoday.com To Plant a Tree for Each Customer as Part of Carbon Neutral Effort March, 2007- Hostedtoday.com, one of the leading Web Hosting Companies, announces that they are now planting trees for every new sign up. Hostedtoday is planting the trees as a part of its corporate conscienceness effort to help society and also to become carbon neutral. Hostedtoday has come forward with this initiative in order to help the environment and make it "carbon neutral". They hope this program will start a trend among technology and internet companies. Going carbon neutral is an easy way for us all to contribute to solving a global problem by taking responsibility for the carbon dioxide emissions we create with our energy use. One effective way we can combat greenhouse gas emissions is to plant trees. Trees absorb carbon dioxide while they grow and trap it for years to come. On average, over 30 years, a tree planted will absorb 230kg of CO2. Trees also help to combat salinity, reduce soil erosion, clean underground water systems and provide habitat for wildlife. These steps are taken by HostedToday to provide the general public with quality arboriculture, or tree care. One of HostedToday's missions is to educate and help the public acquire an understanding of the importance of companies to be responsible members of society and contribute to a better world for all of us. About HostedToday.com Hostedtoday.com is a leading web hosting company that has been in business for 5 years. HostedToday prides itself on the best customer service and support at affordable prices. All servers have multiple cpu's, RAID mirrored drives, and are spread across multiple datacenters to ensure maximum uptime. HostedToday has been awarded numerous industry awards and enjoys one of the highest rention rates in the industry. They also provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee 30 day money back refund with no questions asked."

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