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+ - Analyzing (all of) Star Trek with face recognition->

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An anonymous reader writes "Accurate face recognition is coming. Pittsburgh Pattern Recognition, a face recognition start-up spun off of Carnegie Mellon University, has posted a tech demo showing an analysis of the entire original Star Trek series using face recognition. The online visualization includes various annotated clips of the series with clickable thumbnails of each character's appearance. They also have a separate page showing the full data of all the prominent characters in every episode including extracting thumbnails of each appearance."
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Comment: Re:Creationism in Europe? (Score 1) 824

by lbrandy (#22097266) Attached to: Texas Creationist Museum Facing Extinction
Racism in Spain, AIDS denial (listing mostly US authors) and homeopathic beliefs in Britain do not amount to evidence of irrationality in Europe on anything like the scale of the US.

Your argument is simply false. Specifically, AIDS denial in parts of Africa and homeopathy in Britain are, in fact, more prevalent than, say, young-earth creationism in the US.

I consider your assumption that the cultures involved produce this type of stupidity to be in direct contradiction with the evidence. And anyone who has spoken at length with religious fundamentalists, creationists, conspiracy theorists, or any other promoter of psuedoscience like pyschics, etc (or even more broadly anti-knowledge like psuedohistory and psuedomathematics) will quickly realize it wasn't just a simple failure of their education system. It's something far more fundamental.

Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. -- Albert Einstein