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User Journal

Journal: Freakin Economy

Journal by krazytekn0

Ok, I'm sure no one would have any reason to read my journal...Heck I didn't know slashdot had anything but comments until last week. I was always wondering what these things people called "summaries" and "articles" were all about. ANNNEEEWAAAY..... So the housing crash is pretty much destroying my family. I have a non-IT job that doesn't make a whole lot of money considering my wife is not working and we have two kids in diapers at home. My credit cards are comin up on maxed out again after I just got them all handled a few years ago. My house is worth about 30% less than I owe, not that it matters since I have to either work about 60-70 hours of overtime or beg money to make the payments. So I've started doing (GASP) some cheesy internet marketing. If anyone is interested in helping me out. Please go to and enter a name and email address etc. I make a buck-fitty and you don't even have to use a real name or do anything with it at all. Though for all you website admins out there... If you sign up then put your own referral link up on your sites that would be awesome too. What's crazy is the "system" project payday "teaches" actually works pretty well. It's a pain in the butt cause you always have to follow up to make sure you get credits within the 'system' and then follow up some more to make sure you don't spend money you didn't want to spend. I made $50 with their training deal which was pretty neat. I used the bucks to get a domain and hosting that will hopefully lead to me being able to keep my house. Who knows? Anyway, if any slashdotters come across this entry, please consider helping me out. If nothing else sign up at that first site with fake information and I'll get $1.50. If you have anything similar, I'll do the same for you.

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