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Submission + - Google Maps,Tabby Cats, Google Is Zooming In (

Fredtalk writes: "Two years ago Google Maps began peering into our back yards from space with its Satellite view feature. Now it's looking at the fronts of our houses with its new Street View thing (angering the pet lovers of America). Street View has been live for only a few days, and people are already getting freaked out about its privacy implications."

What Kids Really Think About Kids' Games 79

marcellizot writes "For a hobby that's supposedly childish, real child gamers have quite a hard time of it. When they're not having every avenue of fun scrutinized for nasties and bad influences, they're often being sold game ideas that are boring and old even when the adults of today were young. Pocket Gamer asks, what do kids really make of today's kids games? 'Both Polly and Andrew both agreed that there were more good games for kids than bad overall, but most of the games they showed weren't just for kids at all. This betrays the difference in perception between parents and their children. Most of them aren't looking for the same old killing - instead, they want something that genuinely entertains them.'"

Submission + - British civil liberties film is released

An anonymous reader writes: BBC News has an article about a British film likely to attract the attention of civil liberties supporters. The film, "Taking Liberties", is a documentary about erosion of civl liberties in present-day Britain. From the article:

Director Chris Atkins wants Taking Liberties to shake the British public out of their apathy over what he sees as the dangerous erosion of traditional rights and freedoms. "This film uses shock tactics. We needed to be unashamedly populist... Once you give up traditional liberties such as free speech and the right to protest you are not going to easily get them back," says Atkins.
The film can be seen at cinemas in major cities. Will the film lead to privacy reforms in Britain, or will most of the viewing population just shrug and go home?

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