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Comment: I use Pale Moon. (Score 0) 302

by kayditty (#41742493) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Seamonkey vs. Firefox — Any Takers?

I tried SeaMonkey quite a while back, having become overly annoyed at Firefox's increasing bloat and other antics (the inevitable feature creep trend of randomly changing around UI elements to no obvious benefit, for one.) it's essentially just what Netscape was to Navigator, or what Mozilla was to Phoenix/Thunderbird/Firefox. I think it's just as bloated and obnoxious on the whole.

there are plenty of lighter-weight Firefox forks without all the crud. I've enjoyed Pale Moon quite a bit. there are similar alternatives for Chrome users as well, such as Comodo (but it's proprietary.)

Comment: Re:Can't wait till google makes it way onto that t (Score 0) 168

by kayditty (#41520333) Attached to: The Fastest ISPs In the US

why would Google make it onto the test when EPB doesn't? this obviously has naught to do with "fastest ISPs," whatever that would even mean. really they mean residential "broadband" access speeds over international common carriers.

sadly, they would probably include Google among this list just for political reasons.

Comment: uh, of course it does. (Score 0) 244

by kayditty (#40930299) Attached to: Telco Company Claims Freedom of Speech Includes Misleading Ads

why wouldn't it? holy crap. the sensationalism in that title.. the obvious political slant coloured with righteous indignation. it makes me feel en garde, as if I'm being trolled, and sometimes I may be, but really I'm not, because it seems most people actually think the way the headline implies. people want the government to take control of everything. 10 trillion new laws a month, or get out of Washington. you're not doing your job!

holy god, man. it's like I like in bizarro-land. it really, truly is. is everyone insane?

Comment: Re:Republicans are burning in the Hell they made (Score 0) 605

by kayditty (#40904827) Attached to: NASA Scientist: Heat Waves Really Are From Global Warming

the bit I love is people not knowing what the hell they're talking about.

I'd wager that people keen on using the "word" statist are probably 'anarcho-capitalist' libertarians. they aren't constitutionalists. you're really confused.

more importantly, the word state does not mean what you think it does in this context. "states rights" in the United States refers to a particular form of federated government, which has been instituted and is guaranteed by a living constitution. the word statist refers to a tendency to favor an elite class of governing rulers. it has nothing to do with constitutional republics. further, those who defend states' rights do so not out of some fascination with state governments, but with respect for the document upon which this nation was made significant. you have to take these things in context, or you're just being ignorant.

further still, you misunderstand what states' rights is and how it applies. it has nothing to do with giving the government power. in fact, it has a lot more to do with reducing government powers, by marginalizing their scope. it is a process, not an end.

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