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Comment I use Pale Moon. (Score 0) 302

I tried SeaMonkey quite a while back, having become overly annoyed at Firefox's increasing bloat and other antics (the inevitable feature creep trend of randomly changing around UI elements to no obvious benefit, for one.) it's essentially just what Netscape was to Navigator, or what Mozilla was to Phoenix/Thunderbird/Firefox. I think it's just as bloated and obnoxious on the whole.

there are plenty of lighter-weight Firefox forks without all the crud. I've enjoyed Pale Moon quite a bit. there are similar alternatives for Chrome users as well, such as Comodo (but it's proprietary.)

Comment Re:Can't wait till google makes it way onto that t (Score 0) 168

why would Google make it onto the test when EPB doesn't? this obviously has naught to do with "fastest ISPs," whatever that would even mean. really they mean residential "broadband" access speeds over international common carriers.

sadly, they would probably include Google among this list just for political reasons.

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