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Comment Re:THEY LOSE: Just don't care any more (Score 2) 303

True, but what's max traffic going to be 2 weeks after launch? A month? They can't build for the max usage scenario, because that's just not going to last. Don't get me wrong, they still screwed up, but this problem occurs on just about every MMO's launch too.

Comment Re:No. (Score 1) 331

SRT will cache windows files. The best use of it is to just buy a 64gb drive and use the whole thing for caching. I'm currently doing just that and for things on the drive, it runs just like having an SSD. I can tell when I go back to a game I've not played in a while and it has to pull the data off the HD, but after that first load, all the same. Stuff like windows and chrome don't get pushed off because I'm always using them.

Comment Re:Well they are both rectangular (Score 1) 696

Yes, but patents don't protect idea. They protect implementations. You can make a widget that does X, and I can make another widget that also does X. If they do them in sufficiently different ways; we can both patent our widgets. The problem is that overly broad patents are being issued.

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