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+ - Ask Ben Bernanke a question.

Submitted by joshrulzz
joshrulzz (715156) writes "I have a meeting with the Fed Chairman. It will be a semi-formal discussion with about 40 people. There will be plenty of time for Q&A after his remarks. Our focus will be on serious policy measures, rather than a glorified tour (which I would hope the Chairman would not waste time on).

We have unique access to him as a favor, so I won't ask/pass on any non-polite or pressing questions. That does not mean I will throw him softballs. For example: Why are you so afraid of an audit? What are you hiding? (Bad). Would a one-time (rather than regular) audit of the Fed assuage your fears of piercing the wall of independence the fed needs, and if so, in what ways could an such an audit be done to avoid your objections? (Good). Dude, where do you buy your suits? (Bad). What do you personally feel the chances are of stability in the Banking sector after the bailouts, without the passage of reform like re-enactment of Glass-Steagal? (Good).

I'll record the highest-rated questions to present with any remaining time after the meeting, and share the answers here (if able). I'm not sure whether the meeting will be off-the-record or not, so I'll also avoid details about how we gained access.

Comment: Re:I was actually wondering about this before... (Score 1) 34

by joshrulzz (#12957655) Attached to: Microsoft May License Out XBox Software
To be honest, it's a little strange that MS decided to enter the hardware market with the XBox. I wouldn't be surprised to find that they'd prefer for someone else to start taking the however many hundred dollar loss on the individual consoles.
They tried that. It was called the Dreamcast (I suck at getting a tags to work on /., so . Just from that overview, it sound like they wanted more control over the hardware and the software, thus was born the Xbox.

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