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Comment: the strain..... (Score 1) 409

I think with all the sci-fy shows like the strain, zombie this and zombie that, people are terrified that something like this will cause the apocalypse. So I am sure when this hits mainstream news people in Atlanta will flip out and the preachers will have thier field day. As long as those stupid religious end of the world fanatics don't do something stupid, it will be fine. All it takes it one fanatic trying to cause the end of the world and we will have ebola here.

Comment: they should crowd source it (Score 1) 96

by josepha48 (#44009041) Attached to: Congress Proposes Strategy For Fighting Patent Trolls
The patents in question should be crowd sourced. Basically people could sign up and say I know about technology X and then when a patent in that area comes into question the group is notified by email or rss feed or something and then those outside of the USPTO can help find prior art to discount the patent.

Comment: it took me 3 years to get earthlink to fix my dsl (Score 3, Informative) 113

by josepha48 (#42772397) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Long Do We Give an Online Service To Fix Issues?
yes 3 years before they sent an AT&T person to my house to look at the wires. He then fixed it in minutes. It now works fine. Yes I still have DSL only because my Comcast cable TV goes out monthly. At least if I loose cable I can still watch netflix, hulu and online stuff.

Comment: we need new laws (Score 1) 97

by josepha48 (#42225939) Attached to: Apple and Google Joining Forces On Kodak Patents Bid
that ban the sale or trade of patents. patents were designed to help individuals and now they are just corporate lawsuit tools to go after anyone for anything stupid. if you could not buy patents then when a company goes under all their patents go into the open domain and new companies could profit from using them as well as old

Comment: Re:He didn't disclose what he wasn't asked (Score 4, Informative) 282

You are always asked if you were involved in lawsuits against a company. He would have been given a list of companies that Samsung has stock in or owns in part or in whole and if any of them he had 'bad feelings' against any of those companies. It is how I got out of jury duty because one of the companies was a company I did consulting at. You have to disclose that information otherwise you have a conflict of interest.

Comment: having actually worked at the patent office (Score 1) 506

and given that there were lots of patents, trademarks, and more importantly the ever so vague trade dress infringements. I wonder if the jury actually made the right decision or just went with the home team ( apple ). From personal experience , when reviewing patents and prior art, the first time can take longer than a day to review. You MUST read the patents, and more importantly UNDERSTAND the patent claims and figure if the claims are broad or not. The claims are what the patent is really about and infringement means that device b actually is covered in the claims. Also additions to a feature can mean that feature is not infringing on a claim and could be a new enhancement to a device. So if Samsung took apples device and improved the device in any way, then it could be considered not infringing and a new device or new feature. Personally I believe this is Apple's way of destroying it's competition. Rather than innovate new, it is going to sue it's competition. In fact it's only real competition has been Samsung in the phone space, as all others are not doing as well in the US.

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