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Comment: Re:Hypocrits (Score 4, Insightful) 199

by jlockard (#47866137) Attached to: China's Island Factory

To an extent, not exactly the same. When the US annexed/took-over Hawaii the US didn't claim all land between the US coast and Hawaii as US waters. My "I haven't checked Google to be sure" guess is the waters within 100 miles of the US west coast and a 100 mile circle around Hawaii are the only waters declared as US waters.

Comment: Re:Easy answer (Score 1) 2288

by jlockard (#35893832) Attached to: Why Does the US Cling To Imperial Measurements?

In grade school for me (late 70s) we were taught that soon the US would be switching to metric, so this was VERY important for us to know.

Then in Jr. High, metric was used for the sciences, taught as something everyone was using and we would someday switch to metric all around.

Sr. High, metric was used only for sciences, taught as being best to do things the way everyone else was.

I'm curious about England and metric/imperial/whatever... It's so common to hear Brits talk about weight in Stone and distance in Miles. Do they use Fahrenheit or Celsius for temp? Gallons or Liters for gasoline/benzine/petrol?

Comment: Re:Easy answer (Score 1) 2288

by jlockard (#35893718) Attached to: Why Does the US Cling To Imperial Measurements?

Problem with metric temperature is the scale is too big. For every 1 degree of tempC you have almost 2 (9/5) degree of tempF. How many times have you at home bumped up (or down) the temp by 1 degree to feel comfortable? In metric you'd have to get use to half degrees, which is a measure I have yet to see on a digital home thermostat.

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