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Comment: Doubt that you'd save much $$ (Score 1) 606

by jimngo (#33927484) Attached to: Generic PCs For Corporate Use?

You might save some money but if you factor in the cost of a Windows 7 Professional license then the small (and I mean small) savings doesn't offset the amount of time you spent spec'ing, purchasing, stocking, and building your workstations. This is because Redmond won't give you the same deal they give Michael Dell.

Comment: Well, duh. (Score 1) 931

by jimngo (#33777150) Attached to: 66% of All Windows Users Still Use Windows XP

A direct "upgrade" from Windows XP to Windows 7 requires the user to backup their data, reload the OS and reinstall all of their apps. I can understand why a typical XP user wouldn't find the process at all appealing. It was and still is a mistake for Microsoft to not provide a one-step upgrade path from XP to W7 that maintains the user environment. Since it's not impossible but requires a costly two-step upgrade from XP->Vista->W7, Microsoft could have offered a one-step XP->W7 process but apparently chose not to.

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