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+ - La Quadrature releases three videos on ACTA->

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theocrite writes "On the occasion of the Free Culture Forum in Barcelona, La Quadrature du Net releases three films to inform citizens and urge them to take action against ACTA, the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement.

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The videos are currently on thepiratebay's homepage and have already been seen 200'000 times in 24h."

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+ - Administrative Net Censorship adopted in France->

Submitted by jeremie_z_
jeremie_z_ (639708) writes "The French Parliament adopted article 4 of LOPPSI law, which established the administrative filtering of the Net through the Trojan horse of "child protection". Such a scheme will allow for the generalised censorship of Internet content while doing nothing to stop pedophiles and child pornography. Rejecting judiciary supervision clearly illustrates the will of the executive branch to control the Internet."
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+ - ACTA: A Global Threat to Freedoms (Open Letter)->

Submitted by jeremie_z_
jeremie_z_ (639708) writes "A worldwide coalition of Non-Governmental Organizations, consumers unions and online service providers associations publish an open letter to the European institutions regarding the global Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) currently under negotiation. They call on the European Parliament and the EU negotiators to oppose any provision into the multilateral agreement that would undermine the fundamental rights and freedoms of citizens in Europe and across the world. Proposed provisions could globally impose not only "three strikes" schemes, but also Internet service providers liability that would result in Internet filtering, and dispositions undermining interoperability and usability of digitial music and films. The letter is open for signature by other organizations, spread and sign it!"
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