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Role Playing (Games)

+ - Shadowrun Returns->

Submitted by Securityemo
Securityemo (1407943) writes "Jordan Weisman, creator of the "Shadowrun" line of pen-and-paper role-playing games has apparently initiated a kickstarter project together with many long-standing Shadowrun authors and artists, aiming to create a 2D turn-based single-player game with a deep storyline and character developement. Will this game finally be the one that does full justice to the PnP version, making up for the mediocre 2007 first-person-shooter interpretation?"
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Comment: Re:Lose-lose situation (Score 1) 344

by jaylen (#33402834) Attached to: Google Backs Out of JavaOne

While the reputation of Oracle might mean something to yourself, myself or others on slashdot, the average joe on the streets of the world do not give a rats backend as to the "reputation" of Oracle.

All they care about is how well their phones work. Ergo, Oracle has very little to lose, since they already have inhouse lawyers anyway, and potentially something nice to gain; a nice chunk of leverage to be used in discussions with Google.

Aren't you glad you're not getting all the government you pay for now?