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Journal: GBCW

Journal by ios and web coder

I'm pretty sure that I won't be missed.

I am just pretty tired of the rather mean-spirited and ill-informed nature of the comments here. This site took a sudden nose-dive into the cesspool recently. It's as if CNN suddenly puked all its commentards onto this site.

It's pretty clear that a heck of a lot of folks have absolutely no idea how to program or do science. I'm also quite disappointed in the number of folks that stalk posters and shill their own posts.

Basically, behavior just like most Internets Tubes, these days.

I'm certainly not about to expect /. to change anything for me. I'm just one of a few million members.

I would like to say that I have done my best to be a good member. I have sorted submissions every day, and have done 10 metamods each day. I have tried to be judicious in my comments and submissions.

I just have a very limited amount of bandwidth available for my social media outlets, and there are a couple that could really use some help from me, so I'd rather hang out there (BTW: Some of these have even worse commentards than here, but I can actually make more of a difference).

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