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Comment: Re:ballsy move (Score 1) 285

by ion++ (#44893761) Attached to: Brazil Announces Plans To Move Away From US-Centric Internet

Still, my suggestion still stands that Brazil could use a few more direct connections to other countries from around the world. A connection from Rio to Johannesberg, to give an example, would IMHO help both cities out and furthermore help the internet as a whole in a number of ways. It certainly wouldn't be fragmentation.

I fully agree, connections are good. I am not sure I would like Rio though, because Johannesberg is so far into South Africa, almost on the east side. What about Cape Town?

And by the way, what about this idea?
Lisabon Natal Cape Town?

Cape Town Natal is 6331 km according to Google Earth.
Cape Town Rio de Janeiro is 6073 km according to Google Earth.

Yeah, almost 300 km longer, but picking Natal would connect Europe and South Africa, probably meaning more traffic.

Comment: Re:ballsy move (Score 1) 285

by ion++ (#44892135) Attached to: Brazil Announces Plans To Move Away From US-Centric Internet

It wouldn't hurt for Brazil to have more physical connections with other Latin American countries as well as other countries relatively near, such as perhaps a direct link to South Africa and Spain/Portugal (aka something across the Atlantic). Unfortunately west Africa isn't exactly an economic hot spot in the world and would be the easiest to reach.

Actually the shortest path from the city Natal in Brazil to Lisabon in Portugal goes through both Cape Verde and the Canary Islands, both of which are pretty close to western Africa, so western Africa could get linked up pretty good if Brazil creates this trans-Atlantic connection. And if you pick Gibraltar instead, then the direct line actually crosses Africa several places.

Comment: Re:Wasn't It As Much Individual Photog & ID? (Score 1) 235

If we had single payer, every Tom, Dick, and Harry would be going to the doctor every time they got a sniffle and the bill would be Trillions.

Bullshit. I live in Denmark. I have free healthcare and I can go to the doctor as many times as I want without paying anything. But I can assure you that I only go when I feel sick.

And it is not at all my impression that other people go to the doctor every other day. Sure, there might be some people who are really sick and needs to see the doctor quite often, and even those that think they are sick and goes often, but they do actually have a "disease" called

Every civilized country has free healthcare and free education for its citizens.

Comment: Re:Generation Gap? (Score 2) 209

by ion++ (#42180113) Attached to: A Brain-Based Explanation For Why Old People Get Scammed

If anything people were less honest. In the 1950s lots of crimes went totally unreported and still their crime rates where rather high. Physical, mental or sexual abuse of family members was very often unreported. In most states a wife could not even report a rape by her husband as no such crime existed.

The homicide rate today for the USA is lower than it was in 1960.

Citation needed

Comment: Re:A great vehicle for a few who are interested (Score 1) 201

by ion++ (#41871451) Attached to: Electric Velomobiles: Urban Transportation For the Future, Available Now

Next time, read at least some of the article.

And go see in in person. I have one, and I am fat. 110 kilo naked. I still have had room my laptop bag, my gymbag and some groceries. It is only in the most warm days of summer that I get sweatty when riding to work, probably because I dress lighter than other modes of transportation would. And no, I do not freeze either, the shell protects me from the wind, the cold and the rain. I ride in t-shirt well into October.

Comment: Re:CycleStreets is often better (Score 2) 62

by ion++ (#40637197) Attached to: Google Maps Adds UK Cycling Directions

CycleStreets ... gives a choice of three routes (fast, balanced, quiet) gives 5 choices:

  • Shortest Track
  • Mountainbike
  • Racer
  • safest track
  • prefered cycleway

But I am still missing these, some in sliders and not just on/off.

  • no obstacles
  • cargo bike/trailer
  • velomobile
  • many street lights
  • no hills
  • no (red) lights

Comment: Re:Busy databases (Score 1) 464

by ion++ (#40178661) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Type of Asset Would You Not Virtualize?

If you need 5000 IOPS on a disk volume, are you going to directly attach dozens of disks to a single server? I doubt it. Directly-attached storage is nice, but apps have an IOPS requirement, and SANs make satisfying those requirements more straightforward, and no reduction in latency will make your random seeks faster.

I would buy SSD, but should I stick to HDD, then Supermicro has some nice 2U boxes with 12x 3,5" or 24x 2,5" and 4U boxes with 36x 3,5" or 72x 2,5" there is therefore plenty of space to satisfy IOPS requirements. These boxes can even be supplied with a dummy power on card and then you can use SAS to plug it into a single server.

I would also prefer picking a shared kernel based (linux-vserver, openVZ, jail(), ... ) virtualization technology over a virtual machine based (Xen, KVM, vmware, ...). Simply to get higher IO speed.

Comment: Re:gotta have a night light server (Score 1) 464

by ion++ (#40178503) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Type of Asset Would You Not Virtualize?

competent vm admins time delay the boot of all vms to prevent that.

And competent physical box admins delay the boot of some physical boxes to boot in the correct order and to avoid overloading UPSes and fuseboxes. Like booting up the SAN box before the VM box so the VM box can actually read data from the SAN box and does not have to wait.

Comment: Re:Why are we still using passwords? (Score 1) 245

by ion++ (#39804601) Attached to: Microsoft Says Two Basic Security Steps Might Have Stopped Conficker

The only way a token card is useful for an impostor is by stealing it, and using it before it's reported stolen. So in most ways, it's a step up from a one-time-pad, and a mile up from the typical US security of no "something you have" component at all.

No, you could also break into RSA and steal the SecurID codes like it was done here:

Comment: Re:Why are we still using passwords? (Score 1) 245

by ion++ (#39800001) Attached to: Microsoft Says Two Basic Security Steps Might Have Stopped Conficker

They replaced it with a code generating card a while ago, for improved security (no one can make a copy of a code that's not generated yet).

yes, people can "copy" a code that is not generated yet if the method of generating the code is known. Like a pseudo random number generator that given the same input always will return the same output.

Comment: Re:fsck speed, want safety (Score 2) 196

by ion++ (#38921101) Attached to: What's the Damage? Measuring fsck Under XFS and Ext4 On Big Storage

We're in the process of installing a 700TB array with a 1.5PB tape library backup. You just have to do the backups using filesystem snapshots and run them pretty much constantly.

And XFS is pretty brilliant for taking filesystem snapshots. Using the command xfs_freeze you can make good snapshots of XFS in what appears to have no downtime at all see XFS manpage like
And then run these commands:

xfs_freeze -f /mount/point && block_level_snapshot && xfs_freeze -u /mount/point

Last time I checked that did not work with EXT4.

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