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User Journal

Journal: My Freaks...

Journal by hswerdfe

I don't check very often but I just did today and I had both my first fans, and my first Freaks....

this was shocking to me...why?
am I that intersting that some people who I don't know value my comments over that of the average person?

and am I that stupid to others that they wish to avoid my comments over all others?

to be honest, I don't see how my comments matter all that much.

I think they are ustually half off topic and half informed, and they usually come in late, so they arn't seen by most...


end transmision

User Journal

Journal: nothing to say...

Journal by hswerdfe

OK ususally people start blogging to keep a record of there thoughts ....or so everyone they know can just read what there up to ....it saves typing lots of emails....

none of that applies to me
I rarely have good idea's
and nobody really cares about my day to day activities...hell I don't care about my day to day activities.....

so....its super bowl sunday....I want to watch the game but I don't have a TV and... I don't want to go to a bar and spend lots of money just to sit down and stay there for 4 hours....

I used to love football, but honestly ....with the pre game show...the half time show ....the post game show....it has nothing to do with the game anymore....I want to watch people play a great game...I don't care to be bombarded with big buisness advertising.....ohh well...thats life ....meh...

User Journal

Journal: ummm...Hello World

Journal by hswerdfe

yah so I've been thinking about puting a blog. on my site....
I figure I'll try the ./ journal and shit first

see if I'm actually going to use it for a while....or if its even any use to me...so yah this is a Quite LAME ....FIRST POST!!!

The moon is a planet just like the Earth, only it is even deader.