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Comment: Re:False (Score 1) 193

by high (#36582024) Attached to: Is Google Playing Fair With Groupon, et al?

That's a lot of text but you still didn't contradict the previous persons statement. Instead I think you used another definition of the word forced. Your definition is probably closer to something like "it was inconvenient to use something other than Microsoft". Forced is usually defined as physical coercion.

Your assertion that Microsoft was the only product on the desktop is also wrong and even if Microsoft provided the only product available, how is that their fault and not the rest of the market for not providing an alternative? Ultimately why do you assert that you have a right to have a choice between similar products? Usually the free market provides choice but if no one is interested in competing or providing your choice of product then what gives you the right to force them?

Comment: Re:It's just word!! (Score 1) 105

by high (#35839940) Attached to: Supreme Court To Hear Microsoft-i4i Case Monday

Regarding the PDF issue I think it's too hard to hold this against Microsoft as they actually implemented support for PDF writing in Office 2007 but was threatened by Adobe with an antitrust suit if they didn't removed the feature. See this article and this Microsoft press response.

Besides, this shouldn't be a major issue for most users. As there are better ways of implementing PDF-writing support by installing a PDF-printer in the OS, for example using the free software program PDFCreator. This way all applications that can print can save to PDF-files. For efficient then implementing it in every program.

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