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Journal Journal: Annoyed about Troll

Well I've been marked as a troll simply for pointing out some facts about the EU. Not made up facts mind you, real ones.

I'm annoyed, because the post that I was responding to was, in my view, intentionally misleading - but sat better with the predominately American mindset that the EU can do nothing and is a toothless organization that the USA can ignore at will.

This criticism happens every single time. Not to me, but to others that have the temerity to stick their head above the parapet and say something unpleasant about the USA.

So sure, all you Americans out there - and I know that you're in the huge majority on this board - continue with your parochial thoughts. Continue in your disregard of other people and nations. Drive away all your international visitors - both in real life and virtually on Slashdot. Sit in splendid isolation.

And if things go wrong, and you need friends. I, for one, won't be there.

To communicate is the beginning of understanding. -- AT&T