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The Internet

Submission + - XXX Top Level Domain Update

eldavojohn writes: "The contract between ICANN & ICM Registry has just been revised for procedures on using the .XXX TLD. ICM is saying that the domain should be readily available for registration as early as this summer. This means that parents will most likely have an easier time protecting their children from these sites and these sites will be more tightly regulated and easier to scrutinize by authorities. ICM also mentioned the collaboration with International Foundation for Online Responsibility."
The Internet

Submission + - Innovative & controversial web usage by Can. M

thirty-seven writes: The most recent edition of the journal "Canadian Parliamentary Review" included an interview with a Member of Parliament, Garth Turner, about some of his cool ways of interacting with voters using his website, including a (supposedly non-partisan) blog about the inner-workings of parliament, video interviews with other MPs, and live webcam appearances to his constituents for special events. In the interview Turner speculates about the media impact this would have if more politicians did this, and about the possibility of what he calls "online office hours" for live interaction between himself and constituents.

Interestingly, a few weeks ago, (well after this interview was published), Turner was kicked out of his party for "violating caucus confidentiality" on his blog. In the interview Turner talked about taking heat for not pushing his party's line on his website.

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