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Politically Correct Zoology 218

Posted by samzenpus
from the cover-all-the-naughty-bits dept.
flynny51 writes "Dr. Dylan Evans of the School of Medicine, University College, Cork, Ireland, has had a two-year period of intensive monitoring and counseling imposed upon him and as a result his application for tenure is likely to be denied. His offense — sharing an article from a peer-reviewed journal on fellatio in fruit bats."
Data Storage

Best Solutions For Massive Home Hard Drive Storage? 609

Posted by timothy
from the watch-and-release dept.
i_ate_god writes "I download a lot of 720/1080p videos, and I also produce a lot of raw uncompressed video. I have run out of slots to put in hard drives across two computers. I need (read: want) access to my files at all times (over a network is fine), especially since I maintain a library of what I've got on the TV computer. I don't want to have swappable USB drives, I want all hard drives available all the time on my network. I'm assuming that, since it's on a network, I won't need 16,000 RPM drives and thus I'm hoping a solution exists that can be moderately quiet and/or hidden away somewhere and still keep somewhat cool. So Slashdot, what have you done?"

Google Says It Mistakenly Collected Wi-Fi Data While Mapping 215

Posted by timothy
from the just-accidentally-of-course dept.
Even if Google says there's nothing to worry about, writes, the company "said it would stop collecting Wi-Fi network data from its StreetView cars, after an internal investigation it conducted found it was accidentally collecting data about websites people were visiting over the hotspots. From the WSJ article: 'It's now clear that we have been mistakenly collecting samples of payload data from open [i.e. non-password-protected] Wi-Fi networks, even though we never used that data in any Google products.'"

Comment: Poor Investigative Reporting (Score 1) 626

by gregh76 (#29935557) Attached to: Why Computers Suck At Math

The part about the Partriot missile isn't at all clear on explaining how the computational error resulted in the mistake. A quick search led to this article, which is far more plausable:

It's programmers who suck at math, not computers. Computers do exactly what you tell them to, which includes how they're designed to interpret what you tell them to do. This was a tragic example of what can happen when reusing legacy software.

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