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Comment: Re:Might that still benefit the US another way? (Score 1) 220

by gothzilla (#47526165) Attached to: VP Biden Briefs US Governors On H-1B Visas, IT, and Coding
If the H-1B process increased the number of jobs in the USA and gave all of those displaced workers better jobs then you'd be right, but you're not. It's very much the opposite. Those jobs are lost and all of those people end up fighting for much lower paid work, and many times have to take minimum-wage jobs.

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by gothzilla (#47039933) Attached to: Did Mozilla Have No Choice But To Add DRM To Firefox?
What planet are you living on? On a normal budget, rent is not supposed to be more than 33% of your take home pay. Please tell me where in the US you can find a 2 bedroom apartment for $333/mo? Even if two people are working that's $666 per month. If you do happen to find rent that low, you're either in a very high crime area or you're in a small town with some serious limitations on employment.

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You changed the subject. AudioEfex wasn't talking about a ratio of competent to incompetent professionals. He's only talking about the competent ones and how there's a severe lack of competent linux professionals. If you do manage to find one, you're in a world of hurt if they leave. There may be a large number of incompetent windows professionals, but there's more than enough competent ones to make finding a replacement pretty easy.

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The jump from Office 2003 to 2007 was the last time there were compatibility issues. We deal with a lot of very complex spreadsheets and word docs, and the only problems we see are with people who are still on 2003. Everything from 2007 forward has been compatible. I also haven't seen any issues with different print drivers in many years. I think you're working from really old information.

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One of our remote offices was connected via cellular. It was actually very usable and far more stable than you might guess. It's in a small town in Arkansas that didn't have access to anything but dialup. We couldn't even get a T1 without a huge build cost. Fortunately there were only 4 people there that needed access too. We just plugged a USB hotspot into a Cradlepoint router and it worked very well. We couldn't get a static IP but DynDNS + LogMeIn was good enough for what we needed there.

The mom & pop cable provider there finally got internet access a few years back so we switched to that and it's so unreliable that I wish we could go back to cellular.

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Talk about FUD...

Office 2010 is the standard for office in enterprise environments. I've tried many times to replace it with Libre and OO and they can't come even close to comparing. Complex spreadsheets will not open in any other program than Excel, and nothing in either of those can replace the functionality of Exchange when it comes to having multiple apps and information sources integrated with it.

Now if you want to say Office 2013 is difficult and confusing then you could have a point, but 2010 is pretty solid. Not perfect, but close enough that everyone can do their jobs without having another product butcher the formatting of Word docs and wreck formulas and macros in Excel. Office tends to go in cycles like Windows does. Win 98 was great, ME terrible, XP great, Vista terrible, Win 7 great. Same as Office 2003 was great, 2007 terrible, 2010 great, 2013 not so great.

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Ever use VNC or something like TeamViewer or GoToMyPC? Ever have a virus that copied your keystrokes or screenshots and sent them off to some server somewhere? Ever see a picture on the net where someone had something on their screen that was embarrassing? How exactly do you plan on ensuring the decrypted message doesn't get copied? A system having it's own viewer does nothing to help the system. The only thing it helps with is fooling people into believing their messages will be erased.

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