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goon's Journal: 'LinuxGazette' + (lawsuit ? '.net' : '.com')

Journal by goon

update: 07DEC2003 - did not take too long. Check out SSC vs Continued. Look out for ricks comments.

I'm always on the hunt for online books and references. One site I've thumbed through a lot is LinuxGazette. Filled with a broad range of Linux related topics, programming, sys admin etc.

Then doing some meta-moderation I came across this article, SSC Trademark Threats vs, 12-02-03 9:05.

I originally became aware of this tussle after link harvesting for later use and checking out their author faq to see if it was worth writing an article or two. Now you know something fishy is going on when the shutters go down, then come back up again sans original crew plus heated boards.

But have ssc bit off more than they can chew? I'm a member of the Victorian Linux Users Group, LUV among others and so is Rick Moen. He actively pops up (even though he's on the flip side of the world) on the LUV mailing list answering technical questions etc, berating those who don't do their homework and helping others who do. I've never really found out why? but myself and others are grateful or at least amused. (I wish LUV's email list was online you could read the posts) The Age newspaper did article on him a while back (SSC used this as a publicity puff peice on their site for issue JAN2003 (see linux links).

stop sniffing my wallet!

In a world of creators and distributors, traditionally it's the distributors who make the cash. Go ahead make your money distributing CD's of documentation, printing Journals but don't take what is not yours - user generated documentation try to spin it into your own cashcow. You're not going to get any documentation from moi at your site.

Sick 'em rick

whats a ternary conditional operator, '?:'.

Breadth-first search is the bulldozer of science. -- Randy Goebel