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Journal Journal: Where do I spend my mod points ?

I finally earned some + points, but I only read articles that I think I have a sensible comment add to. And then theres all the "Yawn" articles.... over all /. isn't bad, but they pick a bunch of boring aritcles. Oh yeah, I need to figure out how to do the links right.
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Journal Journal: What will it take to close the carbon Cycle

I've been thinking about what it will take to close the carbon cycle. If farm equipment were to become highly automated the cost to raise an acre of what ever would come down, so more could be produced to go into biofuels.

If the gov't subsidies to NOT grow crops were replaced by gov't biofuel programs (not subsidies, I hate welfare programs)we might see the cost of biofuels drop significantly. If fact, if a non-food crop could be grown as a primary biofuel supply food crop prices would be minimally affected.
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Journal Journal: Some notes on what gets +commented

I'm thinking "if I try to make a joke that works in the UC, it probably won't work on /. I've gotten my better karma from just saying the bleeding obvious, but I don't care about those points. I try to be a class clown, but that doesn't work well in mechanical engineering. All my megalomanical material is M$ based, and ME's don't get computer geek humor. Ughh, if I had to leave computers, I guess I might have to learn a new strain of humor.
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Journal Journal: Disappointment with Origins

I'm hoping /. makes another reference to the series so I can get my opinion in the first 50 or so comments. I saw nothing new to me. Mostly it was the same concepts and locations as seen in hundreds of other specials. The Mill's amino acid generation rig even showed up in some science text book I had in grade school.

I think I watched expecting something more on the lines of Elegant Universe, which was something much different. I should have spent those two hours studying for my multivariate calc test in the morning.

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