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User Journal

Journal: Blind Fanboys being hypocrites

Journal by goatan
I have yet to receive a single reply to any of my comments on Apple's attempt to take Ben Cohen's Itunes website not a single apple fanboy was able to refute my argument that Ben was acting within the law and that apple have not got a leg to stand on. Despite all the cries of unfair and the accusations launched at Ben Cohen not a single person was able to say why the site is legally Apple's not Ben's perhaps because they can't.

Today I learnt the only thing more blind Than Linux and MS fanboys are Apple fanboys at least the other fanboys are able to admit when they are wrong or have the decency to shut up, but the more wrong an apple fanboy is the louder he will shout, very sad.

If this was Microsoft or other big company they would be hypocritically demanding action against them.

"You must have an IQ of at least half a million." -- Popeye