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Comment: Re:Technical solution to internal issue (Score 1) 62

by gnat (#31419028) Attached to: Open Data Needs Open Source Tools

Absolutely! All too often we're guilty of saying "open the data because that's what I believe you should do", not "open the data because this is how it will make your life easier" or "open the data because this is how it will help you do your job", etc. It's come from a technologist-centric pull, but it won't succeed until it becomes a bureaucrat-originated push.

Comment: Re:eclipse? (Score 1) 62

by gnat (#31418522) Attached to: Open Data Needs Open Source Tools

Hi, zuzulo. A versioning system would definitely be part of the solution, but there's more than git behind a successful open source project. In my post, I tried to sketch some of the tools that the data world is missing. Even if everyone just slapped the data into git, that implies it's stored in a format that makes it look like source code and so is amenable to diff and patch. What if we add a new column to the database? That affects every row, but should it be stored as a completely new version of the data? There are lots of interesting questions.


+ - Microsoft's bulk deal with New Zealand Collapses->

Submitted by
vik writes "The 3-year whole-of-government deal that Microsoft has been establishing with the New Zealand government since 2000 has collapsed, opening the doors to the wider use of Open Source software in government. The NZ State Services Commission (already a prize-winning user of Open Source) says in a statement that it "...became apparent during discussions that a formal agreement with Microsoft is no longer appropriate". Having lost their discount, individual government departments will now have to put their IT requirements out to tender individually."
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+ - Does OO Reality Match The Theory?-> 1

Submitted by
gnat writes "How often do real world programmers follow the advice of university OO design and programming courses? That's the question the Software Engineering Folklore survey sets out to answer, and they're specifically interested in Open Source languages and practices. They will open source the (anonymized) survey responses, which will let us break down (bad?) habits by programming language and perhaps even find out whether those expensive university programming classes teach anything useful."
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