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Journal: script kiddies ATTACK!!! 4

Journal by frozencesium
Ok...this is really damn annoying.

for the past 5 days or so some idiot with a bunch of zombies has been pounding my poor little server. to make matters worse, the attack is a winblowz IIS attack. the idiot couldn't bother with fingerprinting my os (which of course will return my router's os) or even checking to see which webserver i run.

of course i'm running linux with apache in a chroot jail (as non-root user), so i'm not that worried (IIS attacks agains linux/apache...amature...), but he's still eating up my bandwidth...that in and of itself deserves death. if i drop the packets, that doesn't do anything but relieve my poor apache server from processing the bad requests...meanwhile they are still eating my bandwidth...gggrrr...

you would think that any decent script kiddie (if there is such a thing) would be less obtrusive and at LEAST quit after a few attempts with the same attack over and over again faild misserably...

of course these are zombie boxes and i am only one person, so tracing is an almost impossible task...

you know...if it was someone with skill and they actually got in, i would probably be less mad because they at least have skill. this is some dickhead with his mommies 'puter trying to pretend he's l337.


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Journal: Fuck this! 5

Journal by frozencesium
What is the price we pay for being geeks (aside from social ostracism)? I'll tell you what...We get blamed for EVERYTHING.

Case in point...right now I'm being investigated for a virus that hit a lot of people in the dorms I live in.

1.) The dorms I live in are military. Oh, and yeah...I live accross the street from the NSA.

2.) I'm not that stupid to commit such a crime where I live (see #1). Even if I was...give me a little credit...I would at least hide my tracks better.

3.) The person accusing me is pissed at me for some petty shit and figures I'm the only one arround that has the ability to hack his system.

4.) The dumbass is running windoze 2k without a firewall, a virus scanner, has never patched his system, and has a NULL Administrator password (as I found out through a friend)...fucking duh...

Basicly what it comes down to is that I happen to know at least a little about computer security, he knows nothing, he got hacked...therfor I *MUST* be the one who did it...

Of course...this means an investigation is underway (which will clear me as I DIDN'T DO IT!), and they may sieze all my boxes to search without my computers and an internet connection for several months would be a bad thing...

I'm pissed.

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Journal: Crap....

Journal by frozencesium
Before I say anyting else, I have been reading your journals, but I haven't had time to post a worthy response. Hell, I haven't been posting much of anything as of late...damn work and damn school...'s absolutely LEAST favorite day of the year. I am always single on this, the most depressing of days, and don't like being reminded of it.

of course, i have my linux boxen. they love me, they rarely complain, and are usually easy to make up with (they joys of apt ;-). oh well...

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Journal: How sad is my life? 2

Journal by frozencesium
Karma: Excellent

well holy of today i finaly post at a +2 and with no karma whoreing.

how sad is it that i am proud, happy, etc about my karma rating...

i simply post oppinions and never tried to raise my karma deliberatly. i guess i'm not as stupid as i thought :-)

UPDATE: I thought "excellent karma" gave you the +2...guess not...still at a +1...


Journal: modding and such 1

Journal by frozencesium
ya know...i have mentioned it in my journals before, but i find myself getting moderator points MUCH more frequently as of late...not that i mind...hell, in the last 2 weeks i've had a total of 15 mod points to doll out. yet i STILL can't metamod...i'm confused.

oh's more fun to mod then meta mod anyway...

oh, and i have only modded 1 post down in all the time i've been moderating...i believe the guidlines...focus on modding up, not down...

Christmas Cheer

Journal: x-mas time 2

Journal by frozencesium

x-mas time is here, it's snowing, i'm alone in my room writing code and reading /. on x-mas day...

what's wrong with this family, my friends are all away on leave, no booze, no nekid chix...every once in a while the military thing sux...

ok...i have to do some laundry, fix kde, get blitzed...then it's anime time :-)

It's funny.  Laugh.

Journal: Duct Tape

Journal by frozencesium
This wonderfull substance has so many uses...most of which i'm sure they'll arrest me for...but would be fun...

Journal: bashing my head against a wall...

Journal by frozencesium
If only one could convince one's superiors of their stupidity...

LUSERS blew up the exchange server today, and then whined about uptimes. If only they would allow us to run a stable system...

Time to take stock. Go home with some office supplies.