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User Journal

Journal: Chrome on Windows 2000!

Journal by fishyfool
I've been playing with Chrome on Windows XP, and like the speed. However, My Win2k box is what i'm usually on just because it's faster. When I first tried to install Chrome I got the usual error message about how it's for XP and Vista only. I was looking for some kind of guidance to help me get it installed, when I ran across a Japanese page where a guy got Chrome working on win2k. Following his instructions, and using his hacks, it's now installed and running. Coolness!
User Journal

Journal: Spammers find a hole to send email through Google

Journal by fishyfool
The last few days i've been getting spam sent through google's picasa web albums email server and verified through yahoo's domain keys system. I called google to let them in on it, and the girl who answered the phone told me "oh, somewhere on there's a place to report spam, you'll have to find it." "we don't take reports over the phone" and then she hung up. Well, I'm not going to dig for their spam report page, It's easier just to mark it as spam, and block all emails from google. oh well. (said sarcastically)
User Journal

Journal: Why is this guy not being charged? 1

Journal by fishyfool
Yahoo has a story about a guy with a rare form (VERY drug resistant) of tuberculosis. He was notified that he had this by the CDC while he was Rome and was told that he had an "extensively drug-resistant" form, far more dangerous than he knew,and to turn himself into Italian health officials. Instead, he travels north to Prague. He exposes everyone near himself on the plane to TB. Then He travels to Montreal, again exposing all the passengers near him to his TB infection. He is now the subject of the first government ordered quarantine since 1963 because of his not following instructions. This man needlessly exposed who knows how many people to a communicable disease and he's not being charged or identified. Something's wrong with this picture.

Journal: Windows Vista

Journal by fishyfool
I've had Windows Vista Ultimate installed on my game box for about a month now, and I'm ready to switch back to XP. Don't get me wrong, I love the improvments that Microsoft has done, both of them. Areo is verrrrrry nice. Widgets are a nice feature as well. User account controls is a long overdue addition to windows, too bad Microsoft blew it implementing the feature. when I press ctrl-alt-del pop up the goddamned taskmanager!!! Glass is the ugliest theme ever, wtf were you thinking microsoft? why are all the shortcuts that have been in place since win95/98 moved? I sometimes wonder if microsoft didn't pull an Apple and write a window manger for an open source operating system. Here's a kick in the ass, For just a little more than I paid for Ultimate, I could have had a Mac.

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