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Comment: Re:Expert:Ebola Vaccine At Least 50 White People A (Score 2) 390

by fenux (#47605527) Attached to: "Secret Serum" Used To Treat Americans With Ebola
Wut? Look at the number of companies in European countries. Belgium has 14 and is so much smaller than the US. All we hear though is how US companies buy our innovative startups and move them to the US when they are on the brink of creating a new medicine.

Comment: 0.1 comes from google play (Score 1) 269

by fenux (#46887401) Attached to: Report: 99 Percent of New Mobile Threats Target Android
So that means about 3 new malware samples came from the official store based on their sample. Also keep in mind that the android situation was sampled by their anti malware app which is installed on the phone while the IOS thread was discovered by an external security analyser and submitted to them so there is a certain skew based on methods/platform spread that should be factored in when looking at the numbers.

Comment: Re:fuck me (Score 1) 125

by fenux (#46586033) Attached to: Google Glass Signs Deal With Ray Ban's Parent Company
As far as I know, Google hardware and combined software kind of allows me more privacy/freedom than other mobile operating systems/hardware. I don't think it is fair to include the vast data they have when talking about how invasive they are. Other companies (even small ones) try worse things (uploading all my contacts without asking/going through sms's/selling my banking information/....). But I grant you that we are indeed in a dead spiral when it comes to privacy.

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