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Comment Re:Can we hear from an IRS apologist? (Score 1) 334 334

Note that it's not possible for an honest person to have need of the 5th amendment.

That really isn't true...

incriminate: make (someone) appear guilty of a crime or wrongdoing; strongly imply the guilt of (someone).

Note the word "appear". There was a robbery down on Main Street last night. Where were you last night? If you were to answer that you were on Main Street, you could well be incriminating yourself, even if you were to know nothing about the robbery.

Comment Re:"Come on help the deflator" (Score 1) 225 225

Bill Belichick did not.

More like there isn't any evidence that Bilichick knew. He seems to be enough of a micromanager that it seems pretty likely that he would know.

I'm curious (and will probably never know) the extent of Brady's involvement. If it's like the mafia (or government), I would bet that it's more like "it would be nice if the balls were under-inflated", instead of "I would like you to break the rules, and remove air from the balls"...

Comment Re:A less biased source please? (Score 2) 91 91

I recently moved back to an iPhone, after a few years on Android. It is so very nice to be able to update my apps, and not have to review all of the extra permissions that every app is requesting. And not having to manage the permissions in appops/xprivacy.

Comment Re:When I see that [literaly] textbook mistake.... (Score 5, Insightful) 329 329

OSX sandboxed apps cannot look outside of their own directories. However, when the user chooses a file via the "Open" dialog, the application is given a handle that allows it to open just that particular file. Sandboxing really is the solution to this kind of mess...

Comment Re:A win for freedom (Score 1) 1330 1330

Every (high-tech) employer that I've ever worked for has allowed a cash alternative -- but only if you could prove that you had other insurance through your spouse. And the amount that they paid out was less than what they would pay for the insurance, but it wasn't a trivial amount...

Comment Re:Bah, we already said goodbye to CTRL-S years ag (Score 1) 521 521

I am offended that some operating systems have hijacked ascii characters to use for meta functionality

That is one of the very nice things about MacOS X -- since it uses the Command (clover) key for menu shortcuts, that leaves the Control key sequences available for emacs-style editing commands, which work almost everywhere.

Under Linux, I'm never sure whether Control-F will move forward, or bring up the "Search" dialog...

Comment Re:I grew up writing games in BASIC (Score 1) 224 224

Real programmers didn't have editors. If we wanted to change a line in an Applesoft Basic program we either had to type it over or 'List' the line press ESC and up arrow to the line.

The latter of which is, of course, an editor...

Though, unless you first wet your screen width to 33 characters (poke 33,33, IIRC), any edited wrapped lines would include the seven extra characters that the system added in order to pretty-print the source.

God help me for remembering all of this...

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