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Comment: Re:The steady slide to Police State continues (Score 1) 1123

by einTier (#32454842) Attached to: Police Officers Seek Right Not To Be Recorded
In an ideal world, I'd like to believe that officers would call out their buddies who engage in unethical behavior. But I do realize that is, indeed, just human nature.

However, I also know that when I see my coworker running a server on the side, watching youtube videos, or whatever else might get him fired, I'm probably going to give him the heads up that what he's doing probably isn't the best thing if he wants to stay employed. When the manager finally catches him, I'm not going to stand up and say "but you don't understand our jobs" and try to actively cover for him so he doesn't get fired. If someone from another department starts talking about it, I'm not going to try to defend the behavior.

This is where I have a problem with the argument about how I can't judge all officers by the acts of a few. Ordinarily, I'd say that's so. However, when they do such a piss poor job of policing themselves and such a good job of backing your buddies even when they're caught on tape egregiously violating their code of ethics or someone's civil rights, then I am going to lump everyone in the same group.

Basically, there's a difference between "ratting out your work buddies" and "covering up for and backing your buddies even after they've been caught and the manager is threatening to fire them". The former is unfortunate, but expected. The latter is unacceptable and makes you complicit.

Comment: Please don't cripple the iPhone (Score 2, Interesting) 70

by einTier (#28116289) Attached to: Wikipedia Launches a New Mobile Interface, Seeks Help
If this automatically redirects the iPhone to the wikipedia mobile site, I hope that there will be an easy link to click back to the "real" fully enabled site.

I am extremely tired of websites suddenly realizing that the iPhone is a cell phone and immediately redirecting me to the "useful" mobile site, which is usually optimized for WAP devices. Even worse, the majority of them do not allow you to access the fully enabled site in any way, shape, or form. Look, I can understand that some iPhone users would prefer to see the WAP site. However, one of the selling points of the iPhone for me is that it has a web browser that allows me to navigate and read any site. Please allow me to keep using the full functionality of the iPhone and your website and quit trying to dumb it down for me.

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