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Comment: Re:They Do It for the Lawsuit Settlements (Score 1) 744

by eiiiI'monslashdot (#35251792) Attached to: Anonymous Goes After
that is the kind of thinking that was ok in the past and present. not in the future. future is not about granting u the ability to do wrong to others. anonymous is not the best answer, obviously, but is way better than doing nothing. at least they put up the fight instead of hide behind established wrong ideas.

Comment: Re:YES!!! (Score 1) 765

by eiiiI'monslashdot (#34844328) Attached to: Google To Drop Support For H.264 In Chrome
lol on the other hand if u don't use H.264 u have nothing to pay for and it is an open source codec. "Why do people here seem so prone to promote theory over reality?" you are the one that brought theorys into the conversation. the other guy was just giving his opinion, and it is wayyys better than yours. better as in more logical, and down to earth.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from a rigged demo.