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Comment Re:Postcapitalism (Score 1) 111

The thing is, those "striking" changes will only take niches to fill. Yes, they will make impact here and there, but, for illustration purposes, Linux and open source likewise was nearly expected to change everything fundamentally - and did it? It did, but to certain extents only. Of course, incremental and intervening changes in/with new media, as per McLuhan, will advance all the time. But, again, nature of processes is evolutionary and fragmented. Expectation of sensations should be put aside. Was there ever absence of WTF in the courses of economy? Hardly so, therefore this descriptor itself is vague to describe period we find ourselves in. While speaking of weaknesses and needs of post-capitalism economy, I can only reference to book "Spiritual Capital" by Danah Zohar, that still awaits its prime time of wide recognition and acceptance.

Comment Re:try facebooking with friends when you're 40+ (Score 1) 285

Hi, I share the same luck, as you do - and would count in many factors: from the general youngish/naive appearance in days of youth, to late maturing in deeds with opposite sex, to bicycle and bikes-centered moving lifestyle, to high degree of analytical activities daily, to food mastering and enjoyment, to zero levels of drugs, smoking, and lately also alcohol, to slow-pace attitudes, but swift turns not at all uncommon, to frank, open, cheerful communication with other people, to feeling good, when helping somebody, to easy but spartan dealing with money. Summarizing: I think if one's attitude is based on vividness and is life-aligned, youngness is both the method, and reward.


Comment Re:Given system is presetting scope of abilities (Score 1) 637

No, it is pretty scientific and realistic, you could at least have opened Wiki on author:

Zohar studied Physics and Philosophy at MIT and did postgraduate work in Philosophy, Religion & Psychology at Harvard University. She is Visiting Professor in the College of Management at Guizhou University in China. She was included in the 2002 Financial Times Prentice Hall book Business Minds as one of "the world's greatest management thinkers".

It is err to judge books without books.

Comment Given system is presetting scope of abilities (Score 1) 637

If system favors quantitative expressions of gains, how can it focus on values and qualities instead?
The problem is, that dominant (now, that it is) system has got a problem - it is too short-sighted, too shallow, too separating, in theory market based, but in reality methodically destroying markets due to consolidations/buyouts. It is not seriously sustainable without refocus on qualities.

There is a wonderful book "Spiritual Capital", which should be recommended again and again to get the picture and ideas of cure.

Comment Excellent opportunities ahead (Score 1) 189

Wasn't by chance somebody offering to supply replacements very attractively?

The case demands professional investigation, subsequent steps of isolation and future prevention would become rather obvious. This can be group of professionals, delegated by several institutions. They will be addressing the problem, and not at all legislation.

Comment Re:And? (Score 1) 276

Sorry, you just do not get the extent and falseness of products this, and many other outlets produce in Russia with KGB servant as main man. He still serves KGB. At the moment his whole country is arranged to serve KGB. It was at least the other way round before.

Comment Re:America next? (Score 1) 276

i am certain there is organized political trolling in the USA as well, by the government and by organizations with agendas

Many documents were recently exposed during the truth to the people campaigns. Were there any certainties in particular, that made you certain?
I am pretty certain, that you can have many variations of activities "to benefit" USA, but my imagination is refusing comparable activities of organized lie, that you are being introduced to now. I must say, I know Russian language, and even was raised in that very environment, that allows to get in depth understanding of what is up there. Can't see how comparable match could be organized and exist in USA, for example.

Comment Re:You're Talking About a Different Scale (Score 1) 276

... 400 clearly skilled (bilingual at the least) individuals

What made you think, they are bilingual, or they are skilled at large? The point was, that majority of them are stupid. Only thin elite is bilingual. While majority of their production screams dumbness for any slightly intelligent observer. Thus, they are recognizable, and separable in general, can be well washed out, when the flow of information remains enabled.

Yes, they can be orchestrated into impressive campaigns, as illustrated. But they got a problem: you already know how they do work, you even seen where from they work, what are methods to clarify them, who are the people actuated, where the strings go, what interconnections exist. One such campaign has to be arranged and coordinated with significant preparation, while its effect is not warranted to be of big impact.

The main thing is: when you have KGB person at throne, you have to prepare appropriate attitudes.

Comment Abbreviated ID, if you insist (Score 1) 394

One can find such a form of the name on FB, that wouldn't be straightforward to navigate to. Having said that, I must second getting rid of it altogether: deleted profile myself couple of months ago, and life became so much cleaner. It was worth, perhaps, to experience phenomena that it is, but this chapter was closed with as real a pleasure. Next step was to end with one major news concentrator, and life is obviously being claimed back. Slashdot tends to sound professional, thus firmly on board.

In the age of information abundance and free-flow, our real challenge is to tame it.

Comment Re:State os photography industry (Score 1) 422

Many of my most interesting film shots exhibit exactly that painting approach. This is achieved by intuitive and playful application of cameras (moves, double exposures, overlapping, etc.), that themselves are either vintage or toy cameras (or both) with the plastic lenses, which are treating light rather differently, than glass exactness would. That freedom of expression and wait for results to appear is left unmatched by digital appliances. And it's as real, as material is film emulsion.

In 1750 Issac Newton became discouraged when he fell up a flight of stairs.