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by edis (#47812129) Attached to: Kernel Developer Dmitry Monakhov Arrested For Protesting Ukraine Invasion

Have you seen pictures from battlefields? Did you completely miss military in them? Signs of destruction from military activities? Can you differ separatist with weapons and machines from Russian soldier dressed somewhat more loosely as separatist with weapons and machines? All recognition signs are purposefully removed and replaced (white circles, bands on arms, legs), before entering area.

According to the committee of soldier mothers of Russia, their data (about their sons) show 10.000 - 15.000 soldiers being involved, not a 1000. Please, google it.

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by edis (#47811989) Attached to: Kernel Developer Dmitry Monakhov Arrested For Protesting Ukraine Invasion

Do you know? Do all these soldiers miraculously also loose their cell phones?

These, and their documents, are promptly collected and stored in safe yet at Rostov base.

Why you emphasize something unimportant and rather distracting as "gallery dealer and art-manager"? I don't get your reading habits. It is about conversation with the Putin surrounding insider, who presents answers to more interesting aspects of the matter, pretty soundly threading what is happening and what expectations are. Can't get how it turns into "told him everything he knew"

Seriously, did the thousands of soldiers, tanks and other heavy machinery move through underground tunnels over the border, or why is it so hard to find satellite imagery that unambiguously, conclusively proves troop movements?

So, you didn't see no satellite images with troops moving? Or they did not impress you? Are you able in general to envision what those borders are, and surrounding situation is? Where are you lacking tunnels? There are stationary and moving troops on both sides of border. There are activities going on around all the time. There is no fence nor anything to limit moving trough forests or fields, being at some point several kilometers deep in the other country, being met there immediately by those, whom to support you came. Have you looked at the map, that separatists concentrate along the border with Russia? Putin himself explained, when caught, that his troopers "got somewhat lost" (in Ukraine by coincidence). There is desire of Russia to keep military activities as sporadic and atomic, as to prevent from stating that they are indeed involved in war. Did you know, key figures of separatists were actually Russian citizen, some removed by Russia just recently to cleanup that mess, and fled back, of course? If you still did not get, that you are observing principally new kind of hybrid war, what were you observing? You missed Crimea action, for some reason put it into tight other box? Only wait for undeniable proof now? Then mister Putin has got your balls very well, since he is acting much more dispersed, than you can imagine or notice. Or are you only playing fool, actually being one of his plot?

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Sorry to be rude, but you talk playful, yet cheap. NATO disbanded, when our countries here have it as only realistic hope to find protection from KGB-legacy politicians, reviving friendships-as-usual? You are at a comfortable distance from that mad creature, most likely you never even got whole sense of that KGB-as-the-core architecture in the past. I see only one good cure for you - being German (supposedly), if you are ashamed of Hitler and heritage of related madness, you may succeed being ashamed of that mister smartass of today.

statements of foreign ministries, etc.

- these are superficial, made up statements, they are not even direct reflections of reality events, they are positions. Russia's official position is lie - so what do you do with that?!

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You must be talking about RT, because I don't see pictures of the war zone in any western outlets.

No, based on observations, I treat RT as a shame to the media. If they show "pictures of the war zone", it is only to deliver horror of consequences to your eyes, actually hiding, that it was caused by Russian support to people (with key people being exactly Russian citizen) operating in another sovereign state. I can't judge your selection of western media to check with poor results, but I happen to live in the country, expressing strong support to Ukraine due to own historical lessons, received from the same imperial aggressor. We have no lack of reports, some bias can be observable, but it is not big deal to shave off, while there are also occasional media of those Russian, who feel slightly more, than unquestionable support to the "smartest Russia president ever".

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You do know, that it is routine now in Russia to call military for "urgent trainings", transfer them to Rostov bases, change clothing and delete all recognition signs from machines and uniforms, paint white circles on top and have bands on clothing instead (explanation: to mark competing teams), then proceed to "train" into the depth of Ukraine? For, say 3 days or whatever. If you do not yet know, you can search for "soldier mothers", this is now source, that has accumulated plenty of actual information about where their sons are. Or are no longer, in worst sense.

There was amazing piece of primary information afloat recently on subject, if you can translate it well:

In short, if to believe literally, goal of Putin clique is to prove to Ukrainian President, that he can't win this secreted war. To make him sit down, and negotiate with those terrorists, that are supplied with arms and all kind of vaguely masqueraded support from Russia. Then they will tell what they want it to be resolved like, what they would be happy with. However, this is crippled plan, as you have KGB professional of neighboring "hyperfriendly" country negotiating with the President of sovereign state. Shocking blatancy is easy recognizable. It is also horrible to observe similarity in the thinking, moving, massive local support of rising Hitler. From now on we are all kidnapped by KGB agent - stability, economies, as you can observe, everything is now challenged.

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I am observing media of both sides. This can be told: it is only one side, that is eager to deliver picture, for money or for ideals, this varies trough the media. However, you also have only one side, where at least 90% of media is controlled in the manner, that suits "vertical of power", where interviewed person will be beaten very soon after uncovering disagreements with mainstream position, where editors would be fired quickly after similar incidents. You can play if everything is the same both sides, but it isn't. Somebody strives to meet some values, and somebody doesn't bloody care.

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You will be waiting yet, as Putin's denial and conspiracy is the way he invents this war. There are massive amounts of messages about weapons both moving into Ukraine, shooting from Russia side, troopers from Kostroma captured on territory of Ukraine or those from Pskov buried after killed in this war. It is obvious how almost settled war has turned over end of August after Russia activated its involvement. There's even Malaysia airliner, shot down from BUK-M system, that was supplied to terrorists by nobody else, but helpful Russia - you still don't believe all those dead dutch? It all goes on, has no stop, but you are still "waiting for evidence". I hope you at least have registered unidentified "green people" of Crimea now, that this land has "suddenly decided to proceed with Russia" after them visiting and helping with things. This is dirty war, and major supply of its dirtiness comes from particular source, which makes problem somewhat better solvable.

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I found, that when moving to countryside during summer, even if for several days, I quickly shift to natural following of daylight cycle. Not necessary that good with morning part, but definitely getting into bed soon after light is out. Which changes the quality of rest significantly. Being there, I tend to use electricity only in utmost necessity. Radio before the night has way different effect, than usual check-in into computer and hours burned at it. I believe, that major cut from electric devices would have very similar effect, as camping is said to do.

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It often returns to my mind lately, that we hardly ever before had that widespread operating systems and applications with that much of connectivity and environment capturing potential, we would be so poorly in control of. There is shift, we are not even properly aware of yet. This was confirmed with some report, seen just several days ago, mentioning malware in smartphones being present on close to half of units. Thus, discussed employers are doing their stuff pretty right.

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