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Comment Re:More nation-wrecking idiocy (Score 1) 416

It can do, though it depends. In my neighborhood, there is medium sized side-road intersection, rather active one, that was changed pavement / revised several months ago. It did not have central line on the side road before. People, that used road, were able to carefully position their vehicles in three lines, with the middle usually designated for turning left. There was enough space usually left to turn in, turn out rightwards. All was very flexible and dynamic to the need. Enter revision with the central line hard set. It became difficult to turn left, because central line always keeps you farther right from your goal of the maneuver. More that this, you have to really take unnatural right turn to fit into marking, where you are expected to appear to enter main road further. It takes you longer, and exposes to all kind of the danger. I have to admit being crashed into there within those couple of months since "improvement" was done.

Comment Presumption of innocence rules (Score 1) 216

Google can block stuff, but it first has to be grounded, that content violates lawful presence. Coming from presumption of innocence, it is lawfully allowed to be found by users before that happens. While also google is quite correctly pointing to the fact, that sites can not legally operate, if they are unlawful - their act has to cease not depending on google at all.

Comment Re:Best business class laptop I've used (Score 1) 100

I have still managed to fish out "Made in Germany" of theirs, when needed laptop for clients, while at extremely competitive prices and usually two Windows versions included for complete piece of mind. With many laptops there have been some kind of problem, but did not occurred on theirs, except power jack ruined by some child at somebody's home. Often, choosing laptop from new look at the market, I happened to end with Fujitsu (Siemens) again.

At this state of things they will be missed for sure.

Comment Re:A Foolish Nostalgia (Score 1) 69

Ability to step back and enjoy vinyl sound and process of playing record instead of intangible audio stream, expose medium (or large) format film, using equipment about hundred years old, instead of instant bit-gatherer - it is all very special experiences, and is quite a special choice.
It results in positive emotions, absurd to deny.

Comment Re:Least responsible superpower (Score 1) 151

It had nothing critical to do with the environmental regulations, and you should know it. It was about "money talks", and China having found unique formula of "making the same, but cheaper". Composition? Combination of plain cheating (like post offices stuffed with gifts from China), imitation of value, uncivilized semi-communistic labour practices, discarding of environmental concerns both at large and locally. Yes, this can lead to cheaper alternative, and it does.
All the manufacturers of the whole developed world have shifted production because that formula can work (at that hidden cost). And no, as long as their role is of cheap outsourcer, but not of designer, market bringer and seller, they do not reap major benefits from the deal, only the slice they are offered.

So you better check relevance ad precision of your statements, buddy.

Comment Re:Yahoo has sucked for years and just wont change (Score 1) 129

First things first: discussed negative valuation of the core is result of other valuations and their subtraction. All these valuations are largely approximate to allow for any reasonable conclusion in quantitive terms. Therefore casuistical nature of this must be nailed down first off.

Then, company in quite substantial extent follows Google model of presence on net and its sophistication. Allright, in less extravagant fashion, but with lesser part of failing attempts at exotic activities as well. Presence on net is important by itself, it is itself chunk of the pie. I am user of Yahoo services and their client, like many others are. It is huge potential base for the future, it cannot be valued below zero just for the fact.

Yes, they are not that bold and trendy perhaps, but they are solid - which is important (even ambitious Microsoft does NOT have that decent reputation, sorry) - and they managed to own Alibaba, that is only one modest corner of the net and its future. More is definitely to come, no doubt in that. If Yahoo has presence, they as well may continue owning more of such.

Finally, it is greatly stretched to cite Yahoo as Altavista killer or what. Everybody knows what search method made it obsolete. Actually, I do use Yahoo search engine in the process of fishing some cached content, not present somewhere elsewhere - again, being present with unique resources is sufficient ground of serving your portion of clients in the future as well, likely expanding where becomes possible.

Comment Re:Postcapitalism (Score 1) 111

The thing is, those "striking" changes will only take niches to fill. Yes, they will make impact here and there, but, for illustration purposes, Linux and open source likewise was nearly expected to change everything fundamentally - and did it? It did, but to certain extents only. Of course, incremental and intervening changes in/with new media, as per McLuhan, will advance all the time. But, again, nature of processes is evolutionary and fragmented. Expectation of sensations should be put aside. Was there ever absence of WTF in the courses of economy? Hardly so, therefore this descriptor itself is vague to describe period we find ourselves in. While speaking of weaknesses and needs of post-capitalism economy, I can only reference to book "Spiritual Capital" by Danah Zohar, that still awaits its prime time of wide recognition and acceptance.

Comment Re:try facebooking with friends when you're 40+ (Score 1) 285

Hi, I share the same luck, as you do - and would count in many factors: from the general youngish/naive appearance in days of youth, to late maturing in deeds with opposite sex, to bicycle and bikes-centered moving lifestyle, to high degree of analytical activities daily, to food mastering and enjoyment, to zero levels of drugs, smoking, and lately also alcohol, to slow-pace attitudes, but swift turns not at all uncommon, to frank, open, cheerful communication with other people, to feeling good, when helping somebody, to easy but spartan dealing with money. Summarizing: I think if one's attitude is based on vividness and is life-aligned, youngness is both the method, and reward.


Comment Re:Given system is presetting scope of abilities (Score 1) 637

No, it is pretty scientific and realistic, you could at least have opened Wiki on author:

Zohar studied Physics and Philosophy at MIT and did postgraduate work in Philosophy, Religion & Psychology at Harvard University. She is Visiting Professor in the College of Management at Guizhou University in China. She was included in the 2002 Financial Times Prentice Hall book Business Minds as one of "the world's greatest management thinkers".

It is err to judge books without books.

Comment Given system is presetting scope of abilities (Score 1) 637

If system favors quantitative expressions of gains, how can it focus on values and qualities instead?
The problem is, that dominant (now, that it is) system has got a problem - it is too short-sighted, too shallow, too separating, in theory market based, but in reality methodically destroying markets due to consolidations/buyouts. It is not seriously sustainable without refocus on qualities.

There is a wonderful book "Spiritual Capital", which should be recommended again and again to get the picture and ideas of cure.

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