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Comment: What's it worth to you? (Score 1) 983

by drhamad (#46468651) Attached to: How Do You Backup 20TB of Data?
I have a Mac Mini server set up hosting about 8 TB of primary data on mirrored USB3 drives. I then have it running Time Machine on all of that to a 16 TB RAID5 array on a NAS. Total cost (not including the server itself)? About $1,000... and that's for two sets of backups, one for drive errors (primarily) and one that has an always-available actual backup.

Google News Sci Tech: NASA picks SpaceX to lease idled shuttle launch pad - Reuters->

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NASA picks SpaceX to lease idled shuttle launch pad
Dec 13 (Reuters) - NASA will turn over one of its mothballed space-shuttle launch pads to privately owned Space Exploration Technologies, or SpaceX, which intends to set up a second site in Florida for its Falcon rockets, officials said on Friday.
NASA selects SpaceX to takeover spare launch padChristian Science Monitor
SpaceX to begin negotiations for shuttle launch padSpaceflight Now
SpaceX to lease historic NASA launch Today-Latin Post
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+ - The Blues Brothers' Chase Scene Recreated with 5,000 LEGO Pieces

Submitted by cartechboy
cartechboy (2660665) writes "There are no car chases better than the Blue Brothers tearing through a shopping mall wreaking humorous mayhem. It's the kind of iconic movie scene that really can't be done again right? That was until the master Lego builders at Bricktease devoted hours to recreating — shot for shot as a video shows — the iconic car chase scene in LEGO. Builder Duncan McConchie used over 5,000 separate LEGO pieces to build the mall set, designing it and the three cars in LEGO's digital design program, which allowed to him to calculate exactly which pieces he needed. The entire mall fits on a large table and McConchie says he watched the scene a few hundred times and spent four hours just on the JC Penny storefront the Bluesmobile drives through in the chase's finale. Best part: You can download instructions and watch a detailed "making of" video to work on a replica yourself."

Comment: Re:Apple's activity is criminal here, Palm's is le (Score 1) 656

by drhamad (#29629617) Attached to: Palm Ignores USB-IF Warning, Restores iTunes Sync
It is legal to reverse engineer things for compatibility promises - unless you explicitly sign a contract saying you won't do that. If Palm didn't sign on to use USB, they'd be allowed to reverse engineer until their hearts were content. But they've signed a contract waiving the ability to, among other things, use a forged vendor ID.

This is not reverse engineering.

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