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Comment Re:Don't forget Firefox Hello! (Score 4, Informative) 147

Webrtc is a standard that has been in the browser for the last year or more.
What the button does is open a web page that calls the standard api's.
Adding this button does not bloat the browser that much because the underlying api is already there.

Comment Re:"Energy Balance" an overly simplistic view (Score 1) 958

While that makes sense that was the answer ~30 years ago and is completely wrong.

If you calculate the calories you eat and compare it to your usage you only absorb a fraction of what you digest (~1/4 from memory). Reducing the amount of calories in your diet does not reduce the total absorbed as there is a lot of surplus energy in what you eat.

What seems to be useful is looking at what in your food you absorb and eating high fat may actually be good for you as you don't absorb it.
Eating low fat foods is bad as they replace fat with sugar and sugar is what your body turns to fat.

Comment Re:As with all other CAPTCHA 'alternatives', (Score 1) 91

Related to this is the idea someone proxying captcha.

Instead of providing your own captcha solve google's captcha. When someone creates an on your site connect to google and try and create an account, you then forward the google captcha to the user.

Comment Re:If your encryption is secure, the key is the se (Score 1) 170

I believe the dns-sec root keys are an example of a key in multiple parts.

The master key can be reconstructed by combining 7 keys together.
There are 14 people that have part of the key and I believe any 7 people can be used to recreate the whole key again.

Comment Re:Just in time for another price dive (Score 1) 173

As bitcoin uses public / private key cryptography you could have clients only have the public key until you need the private key.
So the client would be able to see that someone has sent them bitcoin but not be able to use them as they do not have the key allowing a store to validate that someone has sent in the coins.

Paper wallets is one implementation of this idea, where there is a piece of paper with 2 qr codes with your public and private keys.
Give everyone your public key but when you need to send the coins somewhere you need to scan the qr code to import the key.
You could probably come up with a system requiring you to assemble the private key from several parts.

Comment Re:Question (Score 2) 106

This is not running an operating system, this is in efi the replacement to your bios.
EFI can do a lot of stuff, there is a text editor, interactive shell and python interpreter so it is something that you can write programs in not just operating system boot loaders.

I have installed this as a boot entry on my laptop and it does boot directly to zork in no time

Comment not the furthest out human made object (Score 1) 218

This is probably not the first human made object to reach interstellar space.
The real furthest object is a man hole cover.

During testing of nuclear weapons they were doing tests underground. They had a nuclear weapon at the bottom of a long shaft.
On top of the shaft was a metal cap.

It's not known how fast it is going or if it actually left the atmosphere but if it did survive it would have been going really fast

In space, no one can hear you fart.