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Comment Re:Hype Brick or real Brick? (Score 3, Informative) 699

It says in TFA that firmware is overwritten (and on a UEFI system, effectively the BIOS). So, simply reinstalling the f Operating system would not work in this case. Whether or not it's truly bricked, would depend on whether it's possible to re-flash that firmware. I'm sure that it IS possible, but how to do so would depend on how the machine is physically configured. Perhaps by putting some utility on a flash card? Perhaps by opening the computer case and doing something more pyhsical. So, no. Probably not bricked in the purest sense, but certainly more so in a practical sense than simply removing the OS.

Comment Would the court grant more than merely a blessing? (Score 2) 556

So, is she proposing that the authorities have the tool / keys to do this, but must pinky swear not to use it without permission?
If they were in earnest about the need for a warrant / oversight, then they should have no reservation about agreeing for it to actually be impossible for the authorities to "pierce" communication without being first granted specific, targeted keys to do so. This would be a one-time expiring key pairing between the communications provider and the Court, which is handed to the authorities.

I suspect they would decline this solution, because it isn't a carte blanche opportunity to monitor at their own discretion.

Comment Exempt from wire-tapping laws? (Score 4, Interesting) 223

IANAL, but I was wondering if this would be illegal under wire-tapping laws. A quick glance over the code (18 - US 2511) actually specified "oral" not "audio" communication. Would this then be exempt?

I suppose any app that takes advantage of this would have a disclosure about the recording buried deep in its legalese.

Comment Where does it say this data is actually fake? (Score 1) 262

Not verified, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's bogus.

All I see are claims that it was not sponsored or verified by those spearheading OPKKK. Doubts about the data's veracity are mentioned but not supported.
All we know is 1) this was not likely associated w/ the release coming on 11/5. 2) Nobody has verified or disproven the names on this list.

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